Review: Oriflame Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil

I loved how the Swedish Spa skincare line sounded. It sounded wonderful since I have been to Sweden and know first hand how good skin of Swedish girls is, I could not control myself from ordering the Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder oil!

swedish spa beauty wonder oil

Oriflame Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil

Product: Oriflame Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil

Claim: Lavish, versatile multi-use oil with Hydracare+, antioxidant, tonic ginger oil, nourishing coconut oil, Vitamin E and sweet almond oil to beautify and improve texture. For massage, moisturising, bathing, or a pre-shampoo treatment for dry hair.

Quantity: 150ml

My review: Since tis is a “Spa” sort of product, I knew it would be a bit more scented than I prefer my skincare to be but who hates smelling like having a SPA experience at home? So I liked it immediately. The first product in the ingredient list was an oi so I knew this was going to be a heavy duty product. And I loved applying to my body immediately after bath.

I never used it on hair since I do not apply to many things to my hair but I loved applying this to my body. On somedays I would apply it on my body before going to sleep and I woke up with glowing skin the next day. This is easily one of my favorite products by Oriflame.

It does contain Limonene which means it will dry off rather than stay slick which is good for the non-oily feeling that we want to feel even after applying oil!

Rating: 3.75/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I loved using this before going to sleep in winters. It is moisturizing but not sticky so you can sleep with it without ruining your sleepwear or bedsheets!

Have you tried Oriflame Swedish Spa skincare products?

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