Review: Oriflame Swedish Spa Night Renewal Hand Cream

Another day of the review-month and I am here with a hand cream that could have been my top favorite – Oriflame Swedish Spa Night Renewal Hand cream. It was released with the Oriflame Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder oil and (I am not sure of the name) Swedish Spa Exfoliating Shower scrub. I loved it instantly but I changed my mind. Read more to find out why!


oriflame hand cream

Swedish Spa Night Renewal Hand Cream

Product: Oriflame Swedish Spa Night Renewal Hand Cream

Claim: Nourish and soften your hands overnight with this sumptuously rich cream. Hydracare+ moisturises, tonic ginger oil nourishes, vitamin-rich sweet almond oil soothes as your hands are replenished while you sleep. For lasting, warm-scented softness.

Quantity: 75 ml

Review: I had high expectations from this product after using the Oriflame Swedish Spa beauty Wonder oil and even though the hand cream is very moisturizing and pleasant smelling, I was a little disappointed to see the ingredient list. It contains parabens and fragrance.

However, like the beauty Wonder oil, it contains Limonene which helps the moisture penetrate the skin and get absorbed!

I had mixed feeling after reading the ingredient list but if you do not mind parabens in skin care (they are used in many brands and are quite prevalent in skin care even though not very good for the skin), you can use this with 100% confidence that you skin will be deeply nourished!

And I really loved the smell of this hand cream. It smells quite close to the Oriflame Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder oil!

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Maybe

I many have crowned this hand cream as the “best hand cream ever” if it did not contain parabens!

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