Review: It’s Skin Relaxing Lavender Body Scrub

Hi everyone, today I am reviewing a product I finished using up sometime ago and even plan to pick up again (a different “flavour” in the same line actually). Anyway. My friend had also purchased this around the same time and she also had a similar experience. So let’ see how this It’s Skin skincare product worked for me. Let me first state that I have higher expectations from brands that are started by a dermatologist and/or claiming to be nature-based. I have tried a few It’s Skin skincare products and had a generally good experience with them while I was disappointed by the makeup. Moving on to the scurb…

Photo collage of swatches of my It's Skin haul

Swatches (from left to right) – pearl powder, lipline pencil in 3, liplinepencil in 4, eyeshadow duo – taupe and violet

Product:┬áIt’s Skin Relaxing Lavender Body Scrub

Claim: Body Scrub that is mixed with Lavender extract and white sugar exfoliates old skin and creates a smooth new skin. [this product has been on sale for 4 months, may be getting discontinued]

Quantity: 180 ml

Price: 6000 KRW (6$)

I opened the tester of the It’s Skin Relaxing Lavender Body scrub in the shop and I really liked the mild Lavender scent of it. The color was also very appealing – I love purple. And the scrub particles look big enough to look like they would do something to cleanse the skin. I like gentle cleansers for the face but for body scrubs I want slightly chunkier particles (not necessarily harsh). So I picked this up during the sale. I used it the next day and was pleased by it instantly.

The scrub has a gel-like consistency and ,as I have already mentioned, smells good. If applied to wet skin (as recommended) it emulsifies and gently exfoliates the body. I would compare the scrubbing action to something between The Body Shop exfoliating gloves and a bath loofah. Since it is a happy medium, I think it can be used regularly. I did not use it more than twice a week since I got it in late fall and i already have dry skin.

The third thing I liked about this scrub is that it was easy to wash off and did not leave any residue behind. But my skin still felt moisturized. Even after scrubbing I usually feel the need to use a body wash or something but after using this scrub, I did not use any soap. I just rinsed it off and moisturized my skin.

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I hope they do not discontinue this product because I really liked it. I have never really liked any body scrub before and I am not even that picky! I know there is at least one more flavour in this line- Jasmine so I hope to get my hands on it before this product goes away!

Have you tried It’s Skin products? Which is your favorite body scrub?

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