The Face Shop Essential Masksheet CO-Q10 – Review

The Face Shop have a range of masksheets in the Essentials range – Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, CO-Q10 and Pearl. I have tried all of these masksheets, the latest one being the CO-Q10 (Co-enzyme Q10) so here is the review! Read my comprehensive review post for details where I have listed all the masksheets I got from The Face Shop (and added links to the individual reviews).

the face shop co q10 essential mask sheet

The Face Shop Essential Mask sheet Co-Q10

Product: The Face Shop CO-Q10 Essential masksheet

Claim: A lifting mask sheet providing smooth and intensive efficacy of CO Q10 (Coenzyme 10)

Quantity: 20 ml

Price: 1000 KRW (~1$)

I got to try most of The Face Shop masksheets during my stay in Korea and my favorite range is the unbleached cotton masksheet masks. I also reviewed the whole range of masksheets available at The Face Shop here. The Essentials masksheets have actually become my least preferred out of all of the ranges I have tried. I had high expectations from the CO-Q10 mask because I am aware of the benefits of Co-Q10 for skin.

The Face Shop Essentials Co-Q10 masksheet is a white cotton masksheet soaked in essence containing Co-Q10 besides other ingredients. The ingredient list contains some preferable items like Grapefruit extract, Algae extract, Sodium Hyaluronate (Sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid) etc. in addition to some not-so-preferable ingredients like Alcohol, Fragrance and Parabens.

Unlike the Real Nature masksheets, the Essentials masksheets are thicker and almost dry to touch (Essence).

I used this the other night before going to bed instead of a night cream. I am not sure how a Co-Q10 based essence smells like but I think the (added) fragrance was pretty basic, the masksheet smelled like usual drugstore products.

I removed the masksheet after 20 minutes and then lightly tapped my face to make it absorb the essence. My skin felt moisturized and soft immediately afterwards but when I woke up in the morning, I noticed my dry spots reappear as usual.

For details on The Face Shop face masks (Real Nature, Essential and Seed masks), check out my video:

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Maybe. If you want to treat your skin once in a while with masksheets and you do not mind parabens, this is a good affordable option.

Repurchase: No. I like using The Face Shop masksheets but I am in search of other face masks that do not contain Alcohol and are more hydrating to the skin. I would prefer masksheets that are also free of mineral oil ad parabens.

Have you tried The Face Shop Essentials Co-Q10 masksheet? Which is your favorite mask ever?

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