What is Rose and Rosy Pink in My Handbag?

I go through phases in shopping – from a sucker for girly things to the tomboyish strong things. And right from the moment I went for shopping for the first time in South Korea, I realized that the rose pattern was available on all kinds of bags in all sizes. I resisted my temptation for quite some time before finally giving in recently.

rose coin purse accessory

My Rosy Rose Coin Purse

Cost: 10000 KRW (~9$)

Available: Myeongdong, 2001 Outlet (Migeum)

The rose coloured rose coin purse is so tiny and cute, I will not be surprised if I see 5-year old girls flaunting it. I keep this little purse when I do not want to carry my over-sized handbag. I plan to use it as a backpack charm when I travel.

The purse is big enough to hold coins and currency notes folded but it does not fit cards, a detail I overlooked when I bought it. I have used a few times now and I love it. I do not have a fetish for over-sized handbags anyway. When it comes to handbags I think about practical use, durability etc. I think I might be mature in shopping only when it comes to handbag shopping!

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