Samantha Schuerman X Memebox Unboxing, Photos and Review

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Sam Schuerman X Memebox – Photos, Details, Review

Hi everyone, I am so excited to do the unboxing of my first ever Memebox! You know, if you have been following this blog for a while, I am not new to Korean products. In fact my blog is 80% full of reviews of products from various Korean brands. I had been really wanting to try Memebox but for some reason, never got to pick one since the boxes I was interested in were Sold Out before I could decide to grab them. Of course I decided to sign up (you can too here) and get latest info to grab my share before they sell out.

So let’s start with the unboxing!

memebox unboxing

Samantha Schuerman X Memebox – Photos, Review, Details

The Collaboration Memebox X Samantha Schuerman box comes with 7 full size products:

  1. RiRe Lip Manicure ( 09 Brick Red/ 10 Wine Burgundy/ 11 Pink Brown)
  2. RiRe Pigment – Set of 3 (01 Snow White, 04 A-Pink, 05 Club Burgundy)
  3. Secret Key Premium So Fast Hair Booster Hair Pack
  4. M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask
  5. Youngwoosa I Love You Oh Thank You Green Tea Seed Essence
  6. Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder In Mist
  7. Too Cool for School Play Cheek Angel Blusher – 02 Sweet Peach 4ml
rire lip manicure

RiRe LipManicure High Fix – 11 Pink Brown

RiRe Lip Manicure

Quantity: 3.7 g

Price: $18

Description: A richly pigmented and silky smooth lip color that delivers long-lasting color stay and hydration for lips minus the flaking or dryness. Its long-lasting and waterproof formula doesn’t smudge no matter what, and the formula dries within 30 seconds so that you can be ready in a split second! There were three shades – 09 Brick Red, 10 Wine Burgundy, 11 Pink Brown, and each box would come with one of these shades (no option to choose).

My Thoughts: I received the shade 11 Pink brown which I absolutely love because I have so many deep shades that I have bought recently. The shade works for me and is a perfect nude for my skintone. I think this is the closest product to Clio professional Lipnicures. Of course I will review this and also do a comparison post since this one seems dearer by 2$.

rire eyeshadow pigments

RiRe eyeshadow Pigment set – 01 Snow White, 04 A-Pink, 05 Club Burgundy

RiRe Pigment (Set of 3 – 01 Snow White, 04 A-Pink, 05 Club Burgundy)

Quantity: 2.5g *3

Price: $13

Product Description: Add instant color sophistication and light-catching shimmer to any makeup look by layering RiRe pigment on top of contrasting eye shadow colors to create a unique multi-dimensional effect, or use it alone for shimmering elegance.

My Thoughts: When I saw this Memebox, this was the first reason I wanted to get it. I have never tried eye shadow pigments so this was my chance to try 3! I have already done a look using the shade 04 and 05, you will see it on the blog next!

secret key hair booster pack

Secret Key Premium So Fast Hair Booster Pack

Secret Key Premium So Fast Hair Booster Hair Pack

Quantity: 150 ml

Price: $24

Description: This pack restores the protective layer on dry or damaged hair and reduces the hair’s porosity by 100%. This hair pack increases the hair’s resistance to breakage while heating, protecting and preventing further damage.

My Thoughts: I do not fiddle with my hair unless I am oiling, washing, conditioning or combing it. On special occasions I style it (like 4-5 times a year). So a hair boosting pack is not something I would have picked up for myself. But to be honest I really want to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. My hair is damaged without coloring or heat-styling. I should at least color and style it since it might not make that much of a difference. I have been using the Secret Key face wash (review coming up soon) for a few weeks and like it so I am expecting to like this one.

m daida lip mask

M.Daida Vanilla & Cacao Butter Cream Lip Mask

M.Daida Butter Cream Lip Mask

Quantity: 20 ml

Price: $13

Description: This innovative soothing leave-on lip mask replenishes  moisture to the lips. Infused with bio-active blend of organic walnut and shea butter, this Butter Cream Lip mask will nourish, smooth and moisturize lips to prep for smooth lip makeup application.

My thoughts: I am not too much into lip masks and scrubs even though I should be considering I get chapped lips so often. This one might convert me for the sheer sweet smell (and taste). It’s Vanilla and Coffee (Kakao). I can eat it!

youngwoosa green tea essence

Youngwoosa I Love You Oh Thank You Green Tea Seed Essence

Youngwoosa I Love You Oh Thank You Green Tea Seed Essence

Quantity: 40 ml

Price: $54

Description: This facial essence is infused with a Jeju island blend of Organic Green Tea Seed and 7 different kinds of herbal extracts. It instantly relieves and replenishes moisture to sensitive, stimulated skin.

My Thoughts: Any things from Jeju is my absolute favorite! I have loved that place and want to back someday, it’s so beautiful. I love Innisfree for the same reason, they use ingredients from Jeju! I like the consistency and feel of this essence. Sometimes a serum can be a bit too heavy for the skin so this water-y essence will be good enough to be used during the day. And green tea will keep my skin calm!

holika holika sweet cotton face mist

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder in Mist

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder in Mist

Quantity: 65 ml

Price: $8

Description: Infused with a blend of cranberry, dragon fruit, apple mint and powder, this facial mist replenishes dehydrated skin and locks in makeup with a silky, cotton-like finish. It is light-weight, non-sticky and creates a sweat-proof, non-smudging coat over your face for a fresh looking makeup all day.

My thoughts: Face mists have been really popular in Korea for a few years. I was so shocked to see the variety when I first entered a beauty store in Seoul in 2012. I did try a few during my 2+ years of stay in Korea but nothing really caught my attention. I have enjoyed using Holika Holika makeup especially their Jewel-light pencils (eyeliner) so I had no idea what to expect from this one! I will still test it for a few days to see if I need it in my routine. It smells quite fresh, like the Warm Cotton perfume from Fresh!

too cool for school angel blusher

Too Cool for School Angel Blusher – 02 Sweet Peach

Too Cool for School Play Cheek Angel Blusher – 02 Sweet peach

Quantity: 4 ml

Price: $14

Description: Highly pigmented and formulated into a powdery soft texture, this blusher blends into skin for a truly natural flush of color. It can be worn over or under powder to highlight flawless rosy cheeks.

My thoughts: I have been to Too Cool for School stores in Seoul many times but I never bought anything for some strange reason. They have some cool packaging and innovative products. Anyway. When I saw this Memebox came with one of their products, I was so excited. I have a dearth of blushes in my life 😉 But when I saw the shade, it looked like a highlight shade to me, at least for my skintone. It worked well on my cheekbones and under my brow bone. So I will get to use it!

Out of all the brands features in this box, I was totally unfamiliar with Younwoosa and M.Daida . I have tried plenty of products from Holika Holika, a few from Secret Key and I have seen and tested Too Cool for School and RiRe products in stores in Korea even though I never bought anything. I like that the box comes with full-size products and there is something for hair, skincare and makeup. I am most excited to work with RiRe pigments as I have never used eyeshadow pigments before (I already have a favorite in 05 Club Burgundy)and the Youngwoosa essence because I think it will work for my combination skin (which will invariably be drier for the coming few months). I am so thrilled with my first experience with Memebox that I want to order from them again!

Note: This box is now Sold Out!

You can buy your own Memebox at

Memebox Coupons:

  • 5$ off on orders above 100$: AFFILIATE-1117-XIJ02-QLWO
  • 10$ off on orders above 150$: AFFILIATE-9764-G1FBM-MCIE

Have you tried Memebox yet? Which is your favorite beauty box/subscription service?