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It is amazing how life is. Everything which first surprises or shocks us, after a period of time becomes invisible and sometimes we start taking things for granted. Today I am specifically talking about how my husband shares the load of household chores with me. It has become so natural to both of us to do our share that now I do not act surprised to see him sort through the laundry and start washing it without even having to ask or inform me.

When we moved to our current rented apartment, there was no place to install a fully automatic machine so we decided to buy a semi automatic and move it in the kitchen for use and move it out when done and place it on a corner of the living room. One day after struggling with the inlet-outlet pipes I requested my husband to help me as standing with the outlet pipe facing in the kitchen drain for 15 minutes cramped my neck. 5 years later I do not even have to think about the laundry, he takes care of it for me and sometimes we just take turns holding the outlet pipe!

Yes, I am lucky!

Laundry has sort of become his area of expertise and he never shies away from helping me in other household chores whenever he is around. Even when we moved overseas for a while and had the convenience of a fully-automatic washing machine, he kept laundry as his end of the household chores deal.

Sometimes he teases me by saying that I have made him an International Dhobi!

The Love of my LIFE - My International Dhobi ;)

The Love of my LIFE – My International Dhobi 😉

I appreciate him helping around the house but do not think it as anything odd. Maybe because my husband is not the only man helping his spouse as I have seen my father, father-in-law, brother-in-law and many of my (male) friends do so too.

Of course it breaks my heart to see Indian men typecast in a very wrong way as there are plenty of wonderful men I have known and heard about in addition to the not-so-nice ones. There is a lot that needs to change in the Indian society with regards to gender equality though. And the #WashBucketChallenge is a step in the right direction in creating awareness and subtly influencing change.

This week I asked my husband to model for me with the Ariel Matic detergent and he happily obliged. Now he knows more about how to deal with laundry and reads labels to classify them before washing. I usually like to keep the hand-washing for me but I am more than happy to see him care for me and share the duties and responsibilities that come with sharing a like together!

Since we used the Ariel Complete+ Matic for the first time, I thought I would ask my husband to share his thoughts about the product too.

ariel matic complete+

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Ariel Complete+ Matic is a washing powder best suited for fully automatic Top Load and Front Load washing machines. Just 1 spoon is sufficient for a normal load of laundry. The detergent is capable of removing tough stains like chocolate, curry, ink, milk etc. It also works for a wide variety of fabrics – cotton, synthetics, woolens, silks etc. In addition to all these features, it smells amazing; the fresh floral scent lasts on the clothes long after they are washed and dry!

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