Shaving Myths Busted and SubscribeToSmooth 30 day Challenge – Update

When I opted to attend the Gillette Venus “Subscribe to Smooth” Blogger event a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea how deep the impact of the things discussed would be on me. I started shaving long ago but always preferred waxing because I believed in a lot of myths about shaving. You can read more about my journey into shaving here. Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Namrata Soni and Kriti Sanon busted a lot of myths during the event and encouraged us to explore shaving. They also shared some simple and useful tips and tricks with us. So I decided to update you guys on how things have been ever since I started using Gillette Venus Razor and Satin Smooth Shave gel as my primary method of hair removal and also bust some widely accepted myths around shaving!

Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge Update

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As you might have read in my first post about the #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge post, I have taken up shaving exclusively for 30 days. I have shave according to need and only use the Gillette Venus products – Gillette Venus Razor, Gillette Venus Refillable blades, Gillette Venus Satin Care Shave gel (Sensitive Skin).

I have had a nice experience until now with the products, I have reviewed the Gillette Venua Razor a few months ago, I still like it. So far I have not had any issues with shaving – no new ingrown hair, skin hyper-pigmentation or darkening of hair. I will still keep doing this and report back in a few days! So far, I am very happy with this hassle-free method of hair removal

Shaving Myths Busted!

Myth: Shaving is bad for the skin!

Busted: I must be completely honest that this was one of the most dreaded myth in my opinion. I was always scared that something bad would happen to my skin – it would become patchy and dark. But from practical experience I have found out that shaving does not have a direct impact on the skin if done properly. If someone holds the razor too close to the skin, that can cause problems but it is more on how someone holds and uses the razor. Actually, with every shave skin gets a much needed doze of exfoliation. So with shaving off unwanted hair; you also remove a layer of dead skin.

Myth: Shaving too often has bad effect on the skin!

Busted: Another widely accepted myth about shaving, even I believed it for a little while until I found out, after shaving numerous times, that nothing of that sort happened. Of course I was never sure of this since I used to alternate between shaving and waxing. Now after talking to plenty of women who swear by shaving, I am a firm believer that proper shaving does not have any bad effect on the skin.

Myth: Shaved hair grows back darker, thicker and coarser!

Busted: This is the main myth that kept me away from shaving for a long time. Of course I never understood why this would happen. The only reason this myth might have evolved could be that after shaving the hair that grows out is blunt since it has been cut midway and not removed from the roots completely.

Hair growth is determined by the genetic and hormonal makeup of a person. Shaving cannot turn the hair coarser or darker than predetermined by our genes.

Myth: Razors are only for use and throw!

Busted: While disposable razors are very useful for travel and one time use, these days plenty of razors are available that can be used more than once and also come with changeable blades. Gillette Venus Razor comes with a Aloe & Vitamin E strip which acts as an indicator for razor change. Until the indicator strip is fine, the razor head can be used multiple times by changing the blades.

Myth: Pressing harder gives a closer shave

Fact: For a closer have, it is important to apply a bit of pressure in shaving but too much pressure can be detrimental. It can lead to nicks and burns of skin which can in turn lead to hyper pigmentation etc. One of the ways this happens is when women use razors for men. Razors for men are a bit harsh since they have coarse hair but for our hair razors specifically meant for women work best.

I hope I was able to bust a few of your myths about shaving through this post. Do let me know if you have any more questions about the Gillette Venus products or shaving!

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