Shoe Shopping – Ramping up my shoe collection!

I.Love.Shoes. I am yet to meet a girl who doesn’t! I am here to show you how I am buidling my shoe collection already! I saw a Payless store open up in Jukjeon emart so I had to check out their display. This was my first time shopping in Korea after coming back. And look what they did to my wallet 🙁 I came back with 3 pairs of shoes I didn’t even know I wanted before seeing them and didn’t need. But I bought them anyway 😀

When I came to Korea, I just brought my sports shoes, a couple of ballet flats and a pair of boots (resembling UGGs). I could have lived in them for a few more days but I went so weak in the payless outlet that I bought ballet flats and pumps which I will not be able to use until May! So anyway here are my gray bow ballet flats and grey flat boots, really affordable shoes which look good and are comfortable!

Shoe shopping haul

Gray ballet flats and boots

Payless is an outlet that sells shoes design similar to popular high end brands at a lower price. I wanted Nude pumps so I bought this pair with a comfortable heel. I do not own any nude footwear and I love how these look on my feet. They say nude pumps elongate legs and give a classy look, I agree! There are more shades in the nude category just like foundations and I bought these grey toned ones but they look really good on my feet.

Nude leather pumps

My awesome nude pumps from Payless

I love wearing ballet flats just because they are cute, practical and very comfortable. I brought two pairs of blue and black ballet flats so grey was another neutral shade I decided to add to my collection.

These grey boots look really good and are the most comfortable of the three shoes I bought today. I will be able to use these shoes once the snow melts down as these have plain base and do not have grip to walk in snow. Snow is a guest for a few more days so I think the time is not that far. I also bought a pair of grey jeggings in the same shade as these boots so I am looking forward to wear them both once the weather becomes suitable!

I am happy with my purchase. I bought these for 34000 KRW (~31$) and I think I will be able to get a good use out of all of these this year by the time I leave Korea. I bought these at a low rate and not invest in expensive high end shoes because I do not plan to take these back with me to India. I will discard them before leaving. I am not sure if I will be doing any OOTDs but if I do, I will definitely feature how I use these. I love my nude pumps the most but I know I will be getting more use out of my grey ballet flats in summer and grey boots in spring.

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