Shopping at Times Square – emart Shopping Haul

I am going back from Korea for good before the end of this year. The date is not decided yet but I have been told it won’t go any further than 15th of December ๐Ÿ™ I don’t want to go back even though I want to meet my family and eat Indian street food ๐Ÿ™ So anyway I am trying to cover all major tourist places in Seoul before going back. This week we covered Times Square mall.

It has high-end brand stores Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferregamo and other pricey stores like GAP, Muji, etc. (I have forgotten the names). It is a beautiful mall and even has a Sky park at the 5th floor. The view from the Sky park is not breath-taking but it is a nice place to relax after shopping.

We did not shop at the expensive stores, just looked around and shopped a little at Artbox and emart. I love cute stationery so I bought all the cute 1$ pens from Artbox even though I didn’t really need them and I also bought a 5+5 set of Mamonde Flower Essential Nutrition mask sheet for 7500 KRW.

Photo of my shopping haul from Times Square

Mamonde Flower Essential Nutrition Mask, Artbox stationery and Collagen anti wrinkle cream

I had a good experience with Korean cosmetic brands face masks especially Mamonde and The Face Shop so I decided to try some more. I am on my way to use up theย Mamonde Flower Essential Moisturizing masksheets so I bought a pack of 5 for 7500 at 1500KRW each (and got 5 for free).

Seriously how cute are those pens? I never fall in love with pens, I am not materialistic like that. But I did this time and I cannot pick one favorite. I love all 5 of them equally. I can’t wait to start writing. When I bought these, I was joking with my friends that I really wanted to write an exam. I am weird!

I also bought a Collagen cream to use it on my neck at night as the skin on my neck is getting drier than usual and I am not getting relief from my night cream. This all in one Collagen & EGF (Anti-wrinkle cream) claims to moisturize, soften and firm dry skin at the same time. I may start using serum on my neck but I wanted to try something else first. I will report back with updates once I use it for a while and see (or not see) a difference.

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