Why Shopping Escapades? (The Logic Behind Naming my Blog)

I started this website, along with my Lifestyle blog way back in December 2012. I had been preparing for 3 long years before jumping into beauty blogging.

I love shopping, like any other girl, and I love trying out new products. I am a spiritual person and also practice Reiki. Somehow I am not yet inclined to give up materialistic pleasures. I guess I am trying to balance spirituality and materialism.

I was a very studious and talkative child. Growing up I used to play a lot of games and was good at it. Like any child from middle class, I learnt the “importance” of studying and consequently landing a job!

I did land a job without even trying, I prepared for an MBA but my destiny forced me to walk into a job opportunity “for fun”. Things just happened so fast that I found myself in the IT industry more than 2000 kilometers away from home. I pursued my Masters degree in Software Engineering (MS) while working for an MNC.

After 4 years, I decided that I had seen enough of the fast-growing monster called IT sector and decided to switch to a “safer” job. I was caught up in this whirlwind while I got married to my best friend.

I traveled with him for a while and also kept searching for my options. There were many jobs out there but I had been a “follower” all my life so I decided to switch places.

There were many girls owning beauty videos and blogs but I hardly came across an average-looking overweight girl like me. I had seen cyber-bullying (second hand) and I knew I could not handle it. I’ve had far too many people telling me about my appearance in my real life to open doors to complete strangers attacking me.

It took me a long time to convince myself that I was different and I should not try to fit-in. I try to work with what I have. I have the right to present myself well; so I thought maybe some people out there will be able to identify with me.

And that day I started searching for a suitable name for my blog. I did not want this place to point solely to my appearance and label it something on the lines of “fat-girl fashion” so I zeroed-in on shopping, my passion!

And that is how “Shopping Escapades” was born.

I am a confident person even though this post may not say it out loud. I am at peace with my appearance even though I would love to improve it! But still it is more about shopping for and trying new things here!

I also own Things To Rave About, my lifestyle and writing blog. Check it out if you are interested!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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