Shopping escapades – Personal update

Hi everyone, this is just a quick update post to share what is happening at the Shopping Escapades headquarters!

I am preparing to move back to India this week and it has been really hectic. I underestimated how much work it will be to wrap up 2 years of the life I built here in Seoul. My physiotherapy is also going on for Joint Tendonitis in my right arm, after bearing the pain for over a year, I am finally on my road to recovery. Moving on.

I will get to see my and my husband’s family after almost 18 months and I am very excited about it. It hasn’t been easy not seeing them for so long but the time has finally come.

So for the next few weeks, (just like the past few weeks) the blog posts are going to come in spurts, depending upon the internet availability and time. I have so many swatch and review posts coming up.

I hate not blogging everyday so I am sure I will not be gone for long and I know that a new posting schedule is not going to shake anyone’s world but I still thought of posting this. I may not get to reply within 24 hours to comments and queries either.

Nothing else is going to change. I have plenty of Korean products to review and use for the next 4 months ( or 8 haha) and I will try to keep up with product releases in Korea in addition to what is happening in the beauty industry in India.

I have recently started doing sponsored and/or guest posts to widen my horizons and just to say it out loud, I always have and always will give my honest opinion on everything. I have started to accept products from companies now (not featured on blog yet) but the reviews will be as balanced and true to my personal experience with the products as they have always been. (Read the Disclosure policy for exact details). I will be true to myself and my readers and will always clearly mark everything.

I should also take this opportunity to thank you for supporting me. I have worked hard on this blog but it would be nothing without you reading it. I hope you will keep supporting me.
I am grateful for you taking out the time to be with me here 🙂
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Niha says:

    No matter where you’ll be ritu..korea or always be a follower of your blog! And il always support you & your blog 🙂
    I totally trust your reviews on products,you are very precise & genuine :* 🙂

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