Shower Gel or Body Wash. How Different Are They?

Shower Gels Vs. Body Wash

A lot of people think shower gels and body washes are one and the same thing. I used to think the same way too until recently.

I came across an article about bath products for particular skin types. They claimed that Shower gels and body washes are different from each other and are meant for different skin types. I was like What The…?

I have not really started noticing any difference in my skin after using them so I am not sure how truth this information holds.

Shower Gels:

1. They have a thick gel-like consistency (duh?).
2. They lather up more.
3. They have stronger fragrances (depending upon the manufacturing company of course)
4. They work better on oily skin types

Body Washes:

1. They are comparatively thinner, have more liquid-y consistency.
2. they lather up well but less compared to shower gels.
3. They are milder in scents (again depending upon the manufacturer’s choice).
4. They work better for normal and dry skin skin types due to their moisturizing capacity.

So there you have it, It really means that I should look for Body washes and Shower oils more!

Note: The Shower gels are milder than shampoos and can perform the same task as shampoos especially for men. And both shower gels and body washes are milder than regular bath soaps!!!

Read this article on Wikipedia

Does this information mean anything to you? What do you prefer – shower gels or body wash or soap?

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