5 awesome makeup tips and tricks (that will stun you with their simplicity)!

There are a lot of makeup tips and tricks that can drastically change your looks. Whether you want to cover a scar, enhance a part of your face or just apply your makeup more efficiently, here are 5 awesome beauty tricks that will stun you with their simplicity (and make sense)!

simple makeup tips and tricks

1. Moisturize your face and after 5 minutes apply a cream and powder concealer on a scar or spot. Then after a couple of minutes apply your foundation and the rest of the makeup. If required, apply a little bit of concealer on the area again.

Similarly wait for a couple of minutes to powder your face after applying foundation.

2. For a natural but glam look without using a highlighter, apply a sheer foundation with dewy-finish on your cheeks after applying blush for a healthy and natural glow. It will make your cheeks look naturally rosy and glowing.


Apply a highlight eyeshadow shadow shade with your finger on your blush to create a soft, natural effect.

3. Spray your liner brush with water and then dip this in your choice of eyeshadow shade to create a soft, smoked-out eyeliner look. My personal favorites are grays and plums. They look so good on black/brown eyes! If you thicken up the line a little more than usual and create an exaggerated cat eye, it looks even more modern and glamourous!

4. Use your concealer on your spots and set it by applying a translucent powder all over your face to create a natural, less made-up look. Many people do not need heavy foundations everyday. Let your skin breathe and yet look polished!

5. Mix a little bit of foundation with body cream and apply on your neck and shoulders to avoid your facial skin standing out from the rest of your body. This way your face and body skin look the same shade rather than you looking like you are wearing a mask!

These are some of the things I do on and off but I think knowing multiple ways of using a product and also switching up me beauty routines is necessary. What are your favorite makeup tips and tricks?

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