It’s Skin Fairy Jasmine Body Scrub REVIEW

I got the It’s Skin Relaxing Lavender Body Scrub last fall and loved it. So when I saw the Fairy Jasmine Body scrub in sale, I picked it up as I expected to like it. The products seem to be available online even though I checked that an online vendor mentioned that the brand has discontinued this product 🙁 I am reviewing it still as this is still available online.

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it's skin body scrub

It’s Skin Fairy Jasmine Body Scrub

Product: It’s Skin Fairy Jasmine Body Scrub

Claim: Body Scrub that is mixed with Jasmine extract and white sugar exfoliates old skin and creates a smooth new skin. [as of today, this product is not listed on the It’s Skin website and may have been discontinued]

Quantity: 180 ml

Price: 6000 KRW (~6$)

This body scrub worked almost like the Lavender body scrub from the same line. It had a light gel-like consistency, smelled like Jasmine but mild and comforting and did a great job removing dead skin from the surface of the body skin.

This scrub emulsifies when it comes in contact with water so if applied to wet skin, as recommended, it is not abrasive and yet the scrub particles are big enough to cleanse the skin. I like the scent, texture and color of the scrub (not important properties of a body scrub but still worth a mention)

I have never used any other Body scrub that worked as well as this one. And most of the body scrubs  have used are more creamy and leave a sticky residue behind while this one does not leave any residue and also still makes the skin feel soft and supple!

As I mentioned in my It’s Skin Relaxing Lavender Body scrub review post, I do not feel the need to apply soap or body wash as I feel like my skin is clean after using this while I always use soap or body wash after using other body scrubs. I think the reason might be that they are cream-based and this is light gel-based. They do not emulsify while this one just melts off the skin under running water!

Rating: 4.25/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I am not a huge fan of Jasmine scent usually but I really liked it in this scrub. I am sad that this product has been discontinued as I have never liked any other body scrub as much before. There is still some of this left and then I will have out and find a new one all over again 🙁

What are your favorite body exfoliators? Have you tried any It’s Skin products?

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