It’s Skin SkinCell Serum, Sunscreen, body scrub and Massage Cream (Haul)

Hi everyone! The new year has brought so many opportunities to buy things on heavy discounts that I am finding it difficult to keep a tab on my shopping. This week I went Gangnam with a friend specifically for a couple of brands which do not have many outlets in the shopping districts I frequent. It’s Skin is one of them. And they had some really awesome discounts albeit on select few items but I got what I wanted and more!

it's skin beauty products

It’s Skin beauty haul

It’s Skin beauty haul:

  • It’s Skin SKINCELL Clinical Solution Serum
  • It’s Skin UV Away White Sun Milk
  • It’s Skin MangoWhite Peeling Massage (with Mangosteen extract)
  • It’s Skin Fairy Jasmine Body Scrub (with Jasmine extract)

I have tried a few of the It’s Skin products before and their makeup did not impress me at all so I stayed away from it this time. I concentrated on the beauty products since their products are all hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. In fact the It’s Skin brand was started by a Dermatologist (in Seoul National University of Education, as I read somewhere). So I trust them with my skin.

it's skin body scrub

It’s Skin Fairy Jasmine Body Scrub

I had tried their body scrub before (Relaxing Lavender body scrub) so I got another one – Fairy Jasmine Body Scrub – which was on a huge discount!

It's Skin sunscreen

It’s Skin UV Away White Sun Milk SPF 50+ PA+++

I also wanted to try out their sunscreen since I loved the sunscreen samples I had received last two times I shopped there.

It's Skin skin serum

It’s Skin Skincell Clinical Solution Serum

Another thing that caught my attention was the more than 50% reduced price on the SKINCELL Clinical Solution Serum. I just had to get it! I cannot give more details since everything is written in Korean on the packaging and I need to search online for English descriptions and stuff. I will give full details in the review posts so stay tuned for that!

Its skin face scrub

It’s Skin MangoWhite Peeling Massage

And one thing that I purely got out of whim is the MangoWhite Peeling Massage. I thought it might be good rather than a scrub alone since it is more moisturizing. And I will massage my skin this way (which we should all do to retain elasticity of the skin!).

Due to SALE, I had to pay 45% of the price in total than I would have to otherwise pay for these (at retail price). Yay!

I am yet to open any of the things but I finished taking pictures and I am quite confident on how these will perform. It is only a question of how well. The SKINCELL serum and the sunscreen do not smell much so I think they are not artificially scented which always gets a thumbs up from me!

Have you tried IT’S SKIN products? Do It’s Skin products sound interesting to you?

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