Skin79 BB creams shopping haul! (Enter the BB cream heaven)

Skin79 has an internationally renowned BB cream – the Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm (Hot Pink). But I am sure not many people know about their other products. I didn’t either until I checked out their store in Myeongdong recently. I got their Super+ Pink and Super + VIP Gold BB creams from Olive Young in 213 and had no idea they had their own store. They have a few dozen more types of BB creams and just of curiosity, I decided to try a few!

skin79 bb creams

SKin79 BB creams shopping haul

Skin79 BB creams haul:

  1. Skin79 BB miniature set (Super + Beblesh Balm, Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Function, The Prestige BB Cream, Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm)
  2. Skin79 BB miniature set (The Oriental Gold BB cream, The Oriental Plus BB cream, The Premium Gold BB cream)
  3. Skin 79 Chiffon BB Mousse

Samples: 5 Super + Beblesh Balm (Hot Pink, Gold, Orange, Green, Purple), Tea Tree Calming Mask Sheet, 4 Snail Nutrition cream.

skin79 oriental gold premium bb creams

Skin 79 Oriental BB Gold cream, Oriental Gold BB cream Plus, The Premium Gold BB cream

Skin 79 BB creams

Skin79 BB cream miniature sets

The miniature sets just caught my fancy because I was really impressed with the Pink and Gold Super+ Beblesh balms and wanted to try other that I could. The miniature set with all 5 main Super + Beblesh Balms was expensive so I decided to buy different ones. And these are all big enough for me to try out and review.

skin79 beblesh balm set

Skin79 BB Miniature set 2

skin 79 prestige, pearl, beblesh balm set

Skin 79 Bb creams – Super+ Beblesh Balm, Super+ Triple Function Beblesh balm, The Prestige BB cream, Pearl Luminous Beblesh balm

I only wanted to get the set of 3 but somehow also picked up the other set. The other 2 in the second set were launched more recently (I think) than all the other ones I got so I thought, I should get that too and they were on a good deal! (Bad excuse)

skin79 chiffon bb cream mousse

Skin 79 Chiffon BB Mousse

The BB Chiffon Mousse was on discount. I have never tried mousse type foundations or BB creams so I felt obliged to do it (beauty blogger duties!). I have tried it a few times already since I got these more than a week ago and I am loving it so far.

Loving my gifts with purchase!

skin79 bb cream samples

Skin 79 samples

It is funny that I have not yet reviewed the Pink and Gold Beblesh balms till now even though I have had them for over 3 months! (Note to self: Do it this week).

Skin79 really knows how to make BB creams!

Because of visiting the Skin79 store, I also got a lot my doubts about the BB creams clarified. I know I can get that information on the internet but I really wanted it from the people who know (and use) Skin 79 products. So the SA recommended the Oriental BB creams to me. I do think she knew what she was talking about so I trusted her judgement. She was super sweet to me and let me keep the photo I clicked in the store because they do not allow that otherwise. Anyway!

I am planning to feature something from this haul into a future giveaway, we’ll see how that works out! But I am so excited to try out the Oriental BB creams. I should use one everyday of the week to test and review before opening the next one!

Have you tried the Skin79 BB creams? Which one do you like the most?

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