Skin79 Tea Tree Calming Face masksheet – Review

Product: Skin79 Tea Tree Calming Face masksheet

Claim: This is a pure cotton mask sheet that contains Tea Tree extract to protect the skin from harmful environment and relieves stress while Centella Asiatica extract creates fresh and clean skin. [Calming and Relaxing]

Quantity: 20ml

Price: ~2$ (Cannot find the exact price online)

skin 79 face mask sheet review

Skin 79 tea Tree Calming Face Mask sheet

I received the Skin79 Tea Tree Calming face mask as a gift with purchase from the Skin79 store in Myeongdong, Seoul and even though I am not sure of the price, I am guessing it to be around 2$ in Seoul. The Skin79 face masks are more expensive online and the prices go upto 4$. Anyway.

I used Skin79 Tea Tree calming face mask when I was travelling to soothe my skin. I have dry skin but I still like to use Aloe, Cucumber or Green tea face masks (which usually work better for oily skin) when I am travelling because I need the soothing effect. And this one worked quite well for me.

The scent of the mask was not very strong but it smelt a little like artificial cucumber type scent. It was not overpowering so I did not mind it. And it was really cooling to the skin. My skin was a little red from all the roaming around in the sun so it felt amazing when it came in contact with my face.

I kept it on for 20 minutes and felt so relaxed after using it. As I have confessed before, I use face mask sheets more for the comfort and cooling factor than the actual skincare benefits. So I was already quite happy.

My skin was a little dehydrated and dry from the travel and stress so when I woke up next morning, my skin felt refreshed and very calm (the reason I used tea tree mask). I have plenty of face masks and I am glad I chose to keep this one handy as it was gentle to my skin. During this time of the year, my skin is usually quite normal so it can break out if I use something heavy so this worked well as a “night cream” for me.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes 

Repurchase: Yes

I do not know how I can get my hands on Skin79 face masks now since they are too pricey (double the price) on websites but if I get a chance, I will definitely get more of these gentle face masks. I have tried a few products from Skin79 and have always appreciated the quality of them. Of course the BB creams need no introduction but I do not know why people are not raving about their skincare products!


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