Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil – Review

Hi everyone, I am here today with the review of the Skinfood Honey Black tea cleansing oil. Out of all the brands that were easily accessible in Korea, Skinfood is the one I tried the least for no particular reason. For that reason only, I picked up a lot of products from the brand before leaving. One of those is the Skinfood Honey & Black Tea cleansing oil. I used it in summer and then left it for a while to try out other products and also keep it to try in winters. So now that I have tried in Delhi winter, I am ready with my review!

Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing oil price

Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing oil – Review

Product: Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil

Claim: Skinfood Honey black tea cleansing oil with honey extract to moisturize dry skin and tea extract effective to remove keratin and provide elasticity.

Quantity: 170 ml

Price: 6000 KRW (~6$)

Skinfood Honey and Black Tea Cleansing oil comes in a thick clear plastic bottle with golden twist-open lid. The Cleansing oil is amber in color and has a thick consistency. The bottle looks nice but it would have worked better with a pump.

Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing oil review

Skinfood Honey Black Tea Cleansing oil

I am a huge fan of honey, which is also the reason why I picked up this cleansing oil but the smell is off-putting. I hate artificial fragrance in skincare but I was especially disappointed since this cleansing oil has added fragrance and still smells weird. I was also underwhelmed to see Mineral Oil in the ingredient list at first place. Plus this contains parabens.

However, I have found that this Cleansing oil is really helpful in removing makeup even waterproof mascara. The cleansing oil leaves a bit of a residue that I like to remove with a cleansing foam even though Skinfood claims that just warm water is enough to remove the makeup and residue.

Rating: 3.75/5

Recommend: Maybe. I would recommend this cleansing oil for people with normal to dry skin who use heavy makeup. The scent is going to be an issue but I guess it is subjective!

Repurchase: No. I could not handle the smell, the mess that the bottle makes every time I use it and the heavy texture. I do like SKinfood as a brand, brand concept and many of their products but I would not repurchase this cleanser.

Have you tried the Skinfood Honey Black tea cleansing oil? Which is your favorite facial cleanser? Comment below!

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