Skinfood – Nail Care and Nail Colour!

This SkinFood haul starts and ends with my new obsession with nails! I was never too much into nails until I found myself buying new nails paints and painting my nails religiously and doing NOTDs on the blog this summer. The repeated use of nail paints and removers have left my cuticle dry. I decided to so something about it! I care for my hands in “sprints” – I will moisturize my hands often, use loves while doing the dishes and cleaning the house and apply oil to my cuticles everyday. And there are days when I forget to apply hand cream even at night. This is my attempt to save my hands, nails and cuticles.

Photo of my Skinfood products haul

Skinfood – Nail Care and Nail paints

Skinfood Hand Care Haul: – Jojoba Oil Nail Essence – Party Tox nail #2 (pink) – Party Tox Nail #10 (blue) Freebies: Egg White Pore Foam, Cotton pads I would admit that I expected this to be an oil like my The Body Shop Cuticle Oil but it has a more gel like consistency. It is an essence and smells really sweet. I applied it to my cuticles after coming home and I like the way it moisturizers my nails and cuticles instantly. I will use over a few more days before doing a thorough review. The nail paints were just too beautiful to resist. There were 3 more shades in the store – a violet, transparent and a white. I could not find the nail paints or the nail essence I bought on the English Skinfood website ( The colors look more like 09 deep sea party (blue), #05 Seaweed party (pink) on the website. I do not know the reason behind this anomaly. Maybe these products are only available on the Skinfood website in Korean. Stay tuned for two bright and glam NOTDs!

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