Skinfood Rose Essence Blusher – Review

Hi everyone. This is going to be a post so different from any post I have done that I may astound myself! I am going to review a product and it is not a good one. It is not average either. It is going to be a…hold your breath…negative one (only as per my experience)!

So Skinfood is a good brand. How do I know? Because my friends use it and give average to good reviews about their products especially the skin care stuff. I went ahead and in my quest for something great came across the Rose Essence Blusher.

Photo collage of Skinfood Rose Essence Blusher - Swatch for review

Skinfood Rose Essence Blusher – Swatch

I loved the packaging. The rosy look of the tin in which the blush is packed looks very different from how blushes are packed in other brands. And then the blush has an embossed rose. I went Awww when I looked at it.

There were 4-5 shades in the line I think and I chose the coral shade to complement my cream blush – Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek Grapefruit (3) color. but I was disappointed by the payoff. I did make a huge mistake by assuming that the tester was dried out and the original product will be good.

See it here:|5

The original product is as dry and the color payoff is non-existent. I tried using the puff provided with the packaging, a blush brush but there was no transfer on my cheeks. I even scraped a little with my nails to see if there is a less dry layer underneath – no luck. I then wet my blush brush and swirled it over the Rose essence blusher -still nothing. And as a last resort I sprinkled a couple of water drops on the surface to get some color payoff – hello, give up already!

Did you even spot the swatch? it is a little glow-y part at the center of my wrist. For this swatch also I had to literally scrape some with my nails and then spread it on my wrist. Uff!

I might have bough a damaged piece or maybe I am too dark to wear that color but I am not at all happy with this shade. Totally blah! The Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek colors are performing much better (are pigmented and moisturizing) even though they also do not last very long. So this product (from this shopping haul) was a total disaster 🙁 Do you have any idea of what else can I do to make this stupid Rose Essence Blusher work?

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