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I mentioned in my post on Saturday that I was having some problems dealing with my skin. I have dry skin and a bit oil T-zone. Now that the weather is changing, I am having some dryness on my forehead and around my mouth. It gets itchy and once I start tending to the temptation to scratch I get bumps which soon turn pink 🙁 So I decided to do something about it – and bought a spot gel.

This is of course a quick fix solution to the problem that actually needs to be dealt with at diet and nutrition level also. I had cut myself side swept bangs and that might also be responsible for my skin acting up.

If you do not see the connection it is – the oil from your hair touches your skin many times during the day can irritate the skin or make it oily making you break out.

Except when I go out, I keep my hair away from my face so I am more concerned about the dietary part of my skin problems.

I had perfect skin during my teen years much to the dismay of my peers. I was flawless if I may say so but after entering my twenties (working in IT industry -> bad diet) I started having skin problems. Never acne but tiny bumps around my chin, forehead every few days especially around that time of the month. I plan to take action soona dn get rid of the problem from the root but till then I need respite and that is where my first every spot gel – the Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Spot Gel – comes in.

Photo of my Skinfood shopping haul

Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Spot Gel

Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Spot Gel
Sample: Skinfood Gold Kiwi Emulsion, Skinfood Royal Honey Eye cream

Product: Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Spot Gel. Food therapy. Special food ingredients such as fresh plants, fruit, etc. To keep our skin healthy.

Claim: A spot treatment gel that provides soothing relief from skin irritations. Contains Parsley and mandarin extracts.

How To Use: Use on freshly cleansed and toned skin. With a cotton swab or finertip, db a small amount onto desired areas.

It is clear gel with a noticeable and pleasant citrus smell maybe because Mandarin is one of the main ingredients. The gel is not very thick and seems to blend into the skin after a few minutes. The background of the pic is actually my Hello Kitty umbrella 😉 I have applied it only today so I will report back on the progress soon!

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