Sri Sri Ayurveda Hydrating conditioner – Review (Art of Living)

Sri Sri Ayurveda is a trusted brand for Ayurvedic products in India. Actually I was introduced to this beauty and health through a basic Art of Living course that I did with Rhea Pillai back in 2005. The Art of Living course was my first ever spiritual experience in life and changed me as a person in many ways.

The concept of natural or nature origin products intrigued me since I had just stepped out of college and had no knowledge about good/bad chemicals or side effects of ingredients from our everyday cosmetics. I remember starting with Neem soap and a shampoo (can’t remember the name and I think it was discontinued). Hence started my love affair with Ayurvedic products.

Sadly I moved out of my hometown and joined the IT industry and did not continue my weekly Sudharshan Kriya sessions or daily practice. “I have no time to eat, how can I do 30min AOL sessions daily?” I reasoned.

But maybe if I had made an effort I wouldn’t have a breakdown 4 years later and my life would have turned out differently. But I digress.

The beauty products came under the name of “Sumeru” while the supplements came under a different brand name. I think it was around 2009 that the umbrella was broadened and became “Sri Sri Ayurveda” after the founder of Art of Living His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for all the products. And everything is priced reasonably.

Two of my favorite Ayurvedic beauty products from the line are the Licorice moisturizer (discontinued) and the Hydrating conditioner.

Photo of my natural Ayurvedic  conditioner

Sri Sri Ayurveda Hydrating Conditioner – Almond, Coconut and Bhringraj

Sri Sri Ayurveda effective herbs Hydrating Conditioner – Almond, Coconut and Bhringraj (60ml) – Review

Boasting of some of the most effective natural products for hair care – almond, coconut and bhringraj – this hydrating conditioner moisturizes dry hair without being greasy and smells amazing.

Ayurvedic products usually never smell much especially never chemical-ly like other drugstore or high end products. Most of these also do not have added scents making them less harsh and more effective in terms of haircare/skincare.

I have dry wavy hair (coupled with dry skin) so when I went to the Art of Living store in Bangalore and saw the “Hydrating conditioner”, I knew this would be a good fit for me. And it worked as well as I expected!

This conditioner comes only in 60ml bottle (or at least I have never seen a bigger size) and lasts for upto 10 washes for me. It really depends on the length of the hair and the amount you apply but 60ml is good enough if you are trying out. Plus it is very well priced and the earnings go to the various Art of Living foundations doing great humanitarian work in India and around the world.

There is no shampoo-conditioner set (I think) and this conditioner works well with any shampoo. I have tried Shampoos available from Sri Sri Ayurveda line as well but I did not get desired results so I only use their conditioner with my Pantens, Dove etc shampoos.

Rating –  4.5/5
Recommend – Yes
Repurchase – Yes. Over and over again.

I have a special place for “Art of Living” (and respect for people who practice it) because it made me see how changing my attitude towards life can make me happier in the same circumstances. Too bad I never started again but I plan to do the basic course again.

Regarding beauty products, I will always recommend genuine Ayurvedic products from Sri Sri Ayurveda as I have tried most of their beauty products over the years (since 2005) and have never had any complaints. The best part is we are indirectly doing some charitable work.

Disclaimer – All natural products including Ayurvedic products are milder in composition and do not work as quick fix so do not expect instant results of any kind. But these products are good for the body and do a lot of good in the long run.

I have been away from India and have not run out of my Sri Sri Ayurveda beauty products but I plan to use them once I go back. As a beauty blogger (if I may call myself that) I like to try and use different brands from around the world. Ayurvedic products is what I love going back to every now and then.

I hope you find this information helpful and I hope you try and get good results from Art of Living Sri Sri Ayurveda products if you decide to try them out.

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