My Favorite Accessory – Statement Earrings

It’s “Throwback Thursday” today! I mean it’s Thursday today and lets throw something from my history into the present. Whatever! I am enjoying Throwback Thursdays now that I have been doing them for 3 weeks. Thursday is not my favorite day of the week, it never was.

I always liked Sundays – First because I was born on a SUNDAY and second because who doesn’t love Sundays? Anyway.

Photo of statement earrings - traditional Indian jewelry

Traditional Jewelry – Pink and Golden Earrings

I bought this pair of earrings from a local accessory shop in my hometown called Bittu Bangles for my sister-in-law’s wedding in the end of 2011. The shop is quite famous in Chandigarh and the name may evoke some oohs and ahhs from fellow accessory enthusiasts but it means nothing outside the vicinity of Chandigarh, sigh!

Yes they are a bit heavy in weight but who cares? It was the best design in the color of my outfit – pink churidaar from Kalanjali in Bangalore.

I like the rustic gold look and dirty (in a good way) pink, it went well with my outfit. These are statement earrings so they are the only accessory I had on except my wedding ring.

It is in my home in India right now so * I can’t even look at them or walk around the house wearing them pretending to attend a high-profile wedding or something 🙁 I have worn them twice only 🙁 (insert extra sadness here) All I can do is look at the picture and remember them now!

*Some emotions might have been exaggerated for a bit of drama and your entertainment.

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