Statement Jewelry and How I like to Accessorize!

I attended the Blender’s Pride Bangalore Fashion Week last month and witnessed the latest in fashion first hand. There were so many instances of stylish statement jewelry making an outfit more glamorous that I decided then and there that I would write something one those lines. Due to some personal commitments I had to wait but today I finally decided to show some of my favorite accessories and a couple of ways I use accessories to take an outfit to a whole new level.

I have always been into fashion accessories, one of the initial reasons was that when I got conscious about how I looked and dressed up, I had become more plump than was acceptable at my age. Malls and plus size clothing were still unheard of in my city so I had very limited choice when it came to an outfit, so I started branching out to makeup and accessories to add to my attire. Even at that time, I loved statement pieces and left no opportunity to add something to my collection. Now with online shopping become more popular, we even have the option to buy online, I even subscribed for a jewelry subscription service. After such a long introduction, let’s jump into a few of my favorite accessories at the moment!

Statement necklaces

There are a lot of rules for accessorizing but I follow my own. For statement necklaces, I have the rule of only adding a bracelet and/or watch to the whole look. Big earrings, bracelets, watches and statement necklaces can overwhelm the whole outfit. So I do follow the “Only one statement piece at a time” rule. For the past few months, I have been leaning more towards statement necklaces only so here are 3 of my favorites from my collection:

zotiqq subscription box statement necklace

accessorize statement neckpiece

zotiqq necklace

Dainty necklaces and Jewelry sets

If I choose to wear an outfit that I feel needs minimal accessorizing, I usually add a dainty necklace with tiny pearl studs or wear a jewelry set. My Swarovski heart necklace is one of my most used accessories in this category. If I have to wear silver jewelry I love my Jade pendant and Amethyst earrings in Sterling Silver that I picked up from South Korea as souvenirs!

Jade and amethyst in sterling silver jewelry

Bracelets, Rings and Cuffs

Statement necklace or not, I love adding some arm candy to my outfit. I always have a watch and/or bracelet on with my western outfit and a few bangles with my Indian outfits. I am less into statement rings even though I have a substantial collection, I do not have an absolute favorite at the moment in rings so here are a couple of my favorites in bracelets.

zotiqq jewelry subscription box bracelet

forever 21 cuff bracelet


I used to be crazy about earrings at one point, it was the time when statement necklaces were difficult to find and I had huge stock of statement earrings. Kundan jewelry was always my favorite. But ever since I started leaning towards bracelets and necklaces, my earrings have been sitting unloved in a box. There a few key pieces that I still take out sometimes and here are 3 of them!

forever21 statement earrings

korean accessories redeye earrings

sterling silver earrings from south korea

When I am wearing a plain outfit, I like to add some arm candy to add a dimension to the look. Here I am wearing my OST (Original Silver Timepiece) watch with a golden chain replacing the golden strap, some black and gold pearl bracelets. The bracelets are from MIXXO. I keep the other arm bare just so that these stand out.

mixing braceletsAnother one:

titan watch and braceletsFor full length outfits like maxi dresses, jumpsuits or sarees, I like to wear statement earrings. I am wearing Forever 21 earrings (shown above) in this pic.

bangalore fashion week day 2 ootd

I am not a fashionista and neither do I know all the rules of accessorizing and fashion but I love when I pay attention to what I am wearing and how I am presenting myself. My usual style is – comfortable, simple and polished! Hope you found this post helpful. Do share your art of accessorizing with me through the comment section below!


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