My Statement Rings Collection

I am not too much of a ring person, I prefer watches, necklace and earrings but lately I have been picking up a few neutral medium-sized statement rings to experiment. Since I have small hands and short stubby fingers, I cannot wear many of the cocktail rings I love in the stores. So here is my small statement rings collection.

My Statement Rings collection

My Statement Rings collection

I took most of these picture today (if you can tell, ha!) while arranging my accessories. What is it with accessories? Why can’t they remain organized always. I think I arrange them every few weeks and they don’t even stay put for a couple of days. I wonder who creates havoc with my accessories. Ahem!

I bought many of these rings in Sweden and others from Bangalore central outlets usually one at a time. I do like my hands but sometimes I really wish I had long slender fingers 🙁 Anyway. I intend to build a good collection of cute accessories and throw some of these, which do not really please me (like the one on the extreme right in the middle row), away.

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