Styling My Tresses – Lakmé Show Stopping Hair Collection #HairIsFashion Makeover!

I recently had a chance to get a makeover by the Lakmé Absolute Salon as a part of the Lakmé Show Stopping Hair Collection. As I have already mentioned in that post, there were 3 dramatic themes for the Hair color and cut. I chose “Auburn Blend” from the “Illusion” theme. And here is how the look turned out (Read the details about the colors and themes in my post linked above)

lakme absolute

For the first one week, I was happy to keep my hair in the same style – open with loose waves. But I got bored and since it is getting hot here in Bangalore, I decided to style my hair to keep it away from my face and still looking gorgeous without making much effort!

I have medium length hair but since it is wavy, it looks shorter than it actually is so I am usually limited with what I can do with it. So here are a few ways I have styled my hair for the past few days.

1. Loose Waves with Layers framing the face.

This is my favorite way to style my hair for special occasions, first because I am lazy to do anything else, second because this looks fairly glamorous and third because it helps make my round face look longer!

wavy hair with framing layers

2. Headband to tame the frings.

This is one of the easiest ways to keep the hair away from the face and still let it flow nicely. Ever since I got bangs, this is my favorite way to tame them and still show off my hair cut and color! Adding a headband can create a youthful look in my opinion.

indian blogger fotd makeup

2. Half Up – Half down.

This is another way to take advantage of the length of the hair and still keep it away from face. I like adding this beautiful bow clip that I got in Korea. This hairstyle is very popular in South Korea and many girls, even women have cute hair accessories to adorn their hair for this hairstyle.

half up half down hair style

3. Sleek Ponytail with Volume on top.

I like high ponytails! They add a modern look to any outfit and are super simple to do. I like having a little bit for volume on top for some edginess. Too much volume does not look good on me, in my opinion, but you can use bumpits or do more back-combing!

sleek ponytail

4. Low Side ponytail.

I like having side swept bangs so this ponytail gives me a chance to sport the bangs too. I like the girly and sophisticated look this hairstyle gives. Adding a headband to press the bangs away can add to the look. I have done this both ways.

low side ponytail

5. Side swept hair with a Cute Accessory.

There are plenty of methods to style hair but one of the easiest way I learned from Korean women was to add a cute accessory to keep hair in place and also add some interest to the whole look. This polka dot clip is my favorite hair accessory at the moment.

cute hair accessory

I love doing braids especially the French braid and the rope braids but since I have a lot of layers, they are looking more messy than I prefer, since I like polished looks but these two are good options if you like messy braids.

Here are a couple more ways to style your hair for dressier occasions!

kate winslet medium length hairpriyanka chopra messy braid waves

I like my hair even more now that the ombré is lightening up a little bit and I am loving styling it everyday.

Since I loved my makeover, I organized a #HairIsFashion contest on this blog for one of my readers to win a Gift Voucher for their own makeover when I shared my makeover blogpost. We had a great response to the contest and received entries on both our Facebook and Twitter. The event concluded successfully yesterday with Ritu Rawat being declared as the winner!

Since I had my hair colored, I have been using special hair products, bought at the Lakme Absolute Salon, for maintaining my hair. I will be reviewing then soon!

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