The Biggest Shopping Spreeeee – Dell Laptop

Ok so this is sort of a shopping blog so let me present to you the most expensive thing I bought this year – My Pink PC! It is something I had never thought I would do. I loved my black DV6000 by HP way more than my own life 😉 But it was very slow with 512MB memory and 180GB hard disk. So when my sister offered to take care of it since my nephew needed it, I ordered a pink laptop from DELL.

DELL inspiron 15R

dell laptop inspiron 15r

My PINK-PC Dell laptop – inspiron 15R with 2GB RAM and 1TB hard disk

Some key features:

1. Lotus Pink color (the most important feature of all, hehe)

2. 4 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Disk (impressive?)

3. Intel i5 processor

4. Inbuilt SSD card 50 GB

5. WINDOWS 8 (yay!)

It is beautiful and of course way faster than my 6.5 year-old HP DV6000 laptop (in black). I could have bought one with i7 processor but it was way too expensive. There were i3 processors on display as well so I settled for a good (yet cheap and medium-performance) laptop.

I am quite ecstatic to be using my lappie for working on my new website 🙂 Because of Windows 8 my laptop works a lot like my iPad too (because of app style display of Windows). I treat it like my pink accessory. Very girlie!

Update July 17,2013: 

My laptop broke down yesterday. The hard disk and operating system crashed together. It is a nighmare to handle. I am not really happy with this performance. My last laptop – from HP- lasted me 6 years and is still working (for my nephew) and this one lasted a little over 6 months. I plan to take it to a repair shop soon and see how much I have to spend. I do not buy a new one.

Update July 29, 2013:

My laptop is working now. I paid a lot to get a new OS, this time I opted for Windows 7. I also got my RAM updated from 4GB to 8GB. I hope this will improve the speed of my laptop and improve its performance. I am glad that I do not have to buy a new one but it is sad that the laptop broke down just after crossing the warranty period 🙁

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