The Body Shop – Aloe, White Musk, Moroccan Rose, Rainforest Nutrition

One of my favorite bath and body brands is The Body Shop. It was a love at first sight, well sort of. I have been using The Body Shop products for over 5 years now and I have loved 85% of their products which is comparable to my first love Chanel. I always buy The Body Shop products as gifts for my loved ones because I know their products so well and I believe you can never go wrong with Body Shop bath range! So when I had to buy a gift for my husband for our anniversary, I went to a TBS store and this is what I bought!

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The Body Shop haul

My main motto was to buy a good sized shower gel or perfume for my husband. The range for men is limited in The Body Shop stores here in Korea(and otherwise) so I did not buy a shower gel. I loved the scent of this White Musk For Men Eau De Toilette. It smelled nice and I like musky scents for both men and women. This EDT smells very manly musky! (ahem!)

The rest of the things just ended up in my shopping basket (I don’t know how) *sheepish grin*

I am nearing 30 now (just turned 28) and I think it is high time that I start using eye cream and night cream regularly. I have never used an eye cream even though I have had one for a year now and I never stick with night creams. I never like how they make my skin feel. I have dry skin and yet I have problems with very rich moisturizing creams. So I decided to buy a soothing Aloe night cream which I assume to be less rich and creamy. I want my skin to breathe and get hydrated at the same time. I hope it is not too much to ask!

I bought the Aloe calming cleanser just to try it because I have never used one from The Body Shop and I needed a small sized cleanser. The one that I currently have Oriflame Optimals Cleansing Milk is a ginormous travel-unfriendly bottle. I got this bath lily for my husband. His is more than 7 months old and I change mine every 6 months so I thought it is time for me to change his for him too. Plus he was using a local low quality one.

I received the Rainforest Nutrition shampoo and Moroccan Rose Shower gel as gifts from the Body Shop. I think they give out those in that particuar store if you cross 50000 KRW which I did!

My husband did like the White Musk perfume (thank God!) and it does smell really good and manly (pats on my back, Good Job!). I am planning to start using my Aloe Night Cream from the first of March and I hope to review it by April. Fingers crossed!

What are your thoughts about The Body Shop products? Which are your favorite products from them?