The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gel – Strawberry (Review)

The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gel Review (Strawberry)

I jumped on the Hand sanitiser bandwagon like everyone else after the H1N1 outbreak in India. I have been carrying one in my handbag ever since.

After trying various other brands, I came to The Body Shop, my favorite brand especially for body products. There were so many scents to choose from, I ended up pinking strawberry randomly.

Photo of The Body Shop hand cleanse gel

The Body Shop – Hand Cleanse Gel – Strawberry

It is called a ‘Hand Cleanse Gel’ but pretty much works like a good hand sanitiser. I have tested it a lot – for example to clean my greasy fingers after eating chips out of the bag – it took away all the oil and condiment residue from my fingers. The best part is that the scent is very refreshing and lasted for sometime.

The consistency is thin and runny but not water-y so it is easy to work with. The bottles are 60ml (duh? usually hand sanitisers are sold in same quantity) perfect for any type of travel. The scent lingers even after the gel had vaporised!

One day I used it in the airport and when I was rubbing it on my fingers gently, a person standing behind me in the queue for snacks asked about what I was using. She said she really liked the scent (the bottle was not in my hands then). When I told her it was a hand sanitiser she was surprised, she was not even aware of The Body Shop Hand Cleanse Gels!

I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Rating – 4.5/5

The Hand Cleanse gels are available in Mango, Coconut, Sweet Lemon, Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma scents (as per the website today)

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