The Body Shop Mini Shower Gels Shopping Haul and Review

Heleow everyone, I am here with another one of my The Body Shop rants! I just love their bath products. Whether it is the soaps, shower gels or shower creams, I just cannot get enough of them. I regularly visit The Body Shop outlets to see if they have launched a new range. I am ye to try their beautifying oils but I think I have tried all of their bath line products launched till the end of 2012.

So I wanted to cover a few more shower gels that I hadn’t tried. Most The Body Shop stores have mini gift sets but for some reason, I saw shower gels from the mini gift sets being sold alone. And since I gobble up shower gels more than body lotions and creams, I thought it was a perfect way for me to save money and buy individual mini shower gels rather than the whole set.

Photo collage of The Body Shop mini shower gels - Moroccan Rose, Spiced Vanilla and Dreams Unlimited

The Body Shop mini shower gels – Moroccan Rose, Spiced Vanilla, Dreams Unlimited

So on two different occasions, I bought mini shower gels – Moroccan Rose, Spiced Vanilla and Dreams Unlimited.

Dreams Unlimited is a predominantly scented shower gel and TBS also has an Dreams Unlimited Edt. The scent is exactly the same. th shower gels is as good as any but the scent was a little too strong for me even though I loved it in the Edt form (launched in 2010 I think). These bottles are 60ml each so last me around 7-8 baths. They are perfect for travel too!

There are some things I don’t know why I do – and the most frequent one is buying rose-based products. I am not a huge fan of the rose scent even though I love the flower Rose and yet I keep buying rose-scented shower gels, hand creams etc. It’s a s if I switch off my brain before shopping. Moroccan Rose is obviously a Rose scent (I mean obviously) and definitely not for me. It is again performs average a sa body wash but the scent is too rosy for me. Will never buy or try it again 🙁

Another The Body Shop line that I think was introduced way back in 2010 was the Spiced Vanilla (along with some carrot line?). I love citrus scents but I do not mind sweet scents especially in winter so I picked this up in February (and then forgot about it). I used this one up just a few days ago and this was an average vanilla scent and an average shower gel. Moringa, Satsuma, Mango and Strawberry shower gels are way better than these scent wise and equally good if not better as shower gels.

Rating – 3/5 for each one of these
Recommend – Depending upon your choice of scent
Repurchase – No

So basically all three of these were pretty average for me scent wise. And I admit that I tried these just for the sake of trying. I guess I have a goal of using all of the The Body Shop products before dying! Are you as crazy for The Body Shop as me? Which is your favorite shower gel from their line?

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