The Body Shop Perfumes – Throwback Thursday

The Body Shop perfumes – Aqua Lily, Neroli Jasmin and White Musk

I have stated my love for The Body Shop plenty of times. I think saying it might have been redundant after I showcased my “The Body Shop collection“. During that phase of my life, I also collected perfumes; so much so that 60% of my beauty expenditure consisted of perfumes.

I collected various perfumes from low to mid range. The most expensive perfume I’d worn was the one I discussed in my Throwback Thursday Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue post. I just loved that perfume as I said in that post, I never used it everyday. It was my special occasion scent. So I always had my not-so-special affordable scents for daily use.

the body shop perfumes for her

The Body Shop perfumes – Neroli Jasmin Edt, White Musk Breeze Edt, Aqua Lily Edt

* the image is hazy because it was taken three years ago with a phone. I had no idea I’d be posting in on a blog someday 😉

I bought these perfumes as past of gift sets only. And I did try to use these paired with the body wash/shower gel and body lotion combination. The Aqua Lily perfume was my first buy and I must say, it did not suit my body chemistry very well. It was too sharp for my senses and did make my head feel a bit heavier. I used it all though, I will discuss how I managed to still consume it fully in some other post.

Neroli Jasmin sounded so exotic and unique that I didn’t even feel the need to test it before buying. Stupid me. It did not suit me either. It tunred out sharper than Aqua Lily. I still managed to use those 30ml up; slowly but surely!

Saving the best for the last, I think The Body Shop has good scent variation available in the White Musk category. I loved this “White Musk Breeze” scent a lot. I am a huge fan of musky perfumes despite it being a key scent in men’s fragrances. I also The Body Shop White Musk fragrance Oil, I think it settles nicely on the skin after some time and lasts long enough. It is the only scent out of these three that I’d repurchase.

I’m not sure but I think Aqua lily line is no longer available (I bought it in India in 2010) but the other two are still a part of the regular line and easily available in all The Body Shop stores.

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