The Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer Review

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The Body Shop tinted glow enhancer - liquid highlighter

The Body Shop tinted glow enhancer

I saw this tinted glow enhancer in The Body Shop when I started looking at their makeup line seriously in the end of 2010. The Body Shop is known for their bath and body products but I had not heard much about their makeup line. I did read a few posts about the shimmer cubes here and there but that was all I paid attention to. BB creams and tinted moisturizers were popping up in all brands so I got intrigues by this tinted glow enhancer. I bought it in both shades 01 and 02 in 2011.

Product Description: The Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer

Product Claim: A lightweight, moisturizing liquid formulation that provides a natural-looking sheer radiance that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, evens out skin tone and instantly brighten the complexion.

Quantity: 25ml (0.85 fl.oz)

How to Use: Pat onto your brow bone, cheek bone, nose bridge and chin to add soft, glowing highlights.  It can be worn alone as an alternative to foundation, or applied over foundation to add a subtle sheen to the face and body.

This is the first product that I ever used other than foundation on my face. I do not use concealer and do not like to do too many things to my face. I love eye makeup and lip colors. So I bought this only to add some glow for special occasions. The photo above shows a little bit of separation of the “tint” and “glow” particles but that is because I haven’t used it for a month and have traveled with it a lot. I shake it a little before using and also mix it on my the back of my hand before apllying on my face. It still works perfectly.

After I used it a couple of times, i realized that it gave a subtle tint to the face and made me appear brighter and glowing so I started mixing it with my face cream everyday. Since it is a lightly tinted glow enhancer, adding it to face cream diluted the fine shimmer particles even more and gave a natural radiance to my whole face. I love using it all over my face this way rather than targeting a few key areas to highlight.

I do not use it everyday now like I used for the first couple of months after getting this but I do use it whenever I go out even for shopping. I have received many compliments for my glowing skin especially from my friends and when I tell about this product, they cannot believe that a makeup item that look so natural.

if you plan to use this as a highlighter, just remember that it is not a long lasting product and may vanish in 3-4 hours. Applying a finishing powder or powder highlight may help with the staying power. This is pretty lightweight so it may also work for oily skin types!

last summer I used it on my neck and arms for a few dinner parties and the subtle shimmer particles looked really nice in the lights.

I have seen this only in two shades in India and 02 is a little dark for me so I love using 01. I gave 02 to my sister because it suited her complexion way better and she loves it as much as I do!

This also contains Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, ultramarine which means it has an SPF in it. I love the compact packaging and how travel-friendly it is. A little bit goes a long way. I do not have any foundation in my makeup collection right now and I use this alongwith my Revlon Color Stay Aqua Powder foundation for a natural glowing look.

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

I would definitely repurchase this and would recommend it to people who like tinted moisturizers. The Body Shop tinted glow enhancer is a multi-purpose makeup product and even though may not be a must have for many, I love having it in my makeup collection. I use it very frequently. I hope The Body Shop never discontinue this product.


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