The Cutest Socks Ever! Accessories Haul

Of my entire existence on this planet, I have seen some of the cutest things in Korea. Right from phone “earjack” accessories, phone covers, iPad mini covers, dolls, packaging of products of all kinds – cuteness is stuffed into every little thing.

One of my favorite places for cute accessories is Naughty Cat (The website plays music so lower the volume of your device before opening). They have plenty of stores all around Seoul and thee are two in the vicinity of my neighbourhood.  Naughty Cat house some really cute phone cases, hair accessories, socks besides pendants, bracelets and earrings.

I went to Naughty Cat sometime ago to pick up some socks as I owned three pairs of socks in gray with red, pink and purple prints (came in a set). As fall progresses, I wanted to sport my jeans and sneakers/boots so I needed some socks. I contemplated buying individual pieces since I always get a 3-pair set but once I checked their collection, I knew what I wanted to do!

Photo collage of my cute socks

3 of 4 pairs of socks from Naughty Cat!

I bought each one in a different vibrant color since my gray ones are still in usable condition and a girl needs some color in her life! The first three are cute and I have saved the best, weirdest,most colorful one for the last:

Photo collage of my socks

(Front and back) My wildest socks ever!

hehe. I love it. I absolutely loved this concept. It’s funny how they have transformed the girl-iest color  into something so weird and ugly-pretty (if you’ve watched America’s Next Top Model enough, you’d know this). I even Instagram-ed this collage and got a few likes on these! I am never going back to plain pair of socks ever again! Naughty Cat rocks!

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