The Face Shop Jewel Therapy, Wide nails and Nature Republic

Hi beautiful girls! I am back today with another haul. I expect to shop more (I know!) in the coming months as I am gearing up to leave Korea soon. So today I picked up some stuff that I needed – The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Deep Care hair mask and a min green bath lily – and stuff that I wanted to try – The Face Shop Face it Wide Nails nail paint. Of course a scarlet color waltz nail paint from Nature Republic made its way while I was coming back from my The Face Shop haul but I am proud of myself to have kept it all under 12000 KRW!

The Face Shop bath lily Jewel therapy hair mask and wide nails nail paint plus Nature Republic color waltz red nail paint

The Face Shop and Nature Republic haul

The Face Shop and Nature Republic shopping haul:

  • Jewel therapy Deep Care Hair Mask
  • Face it Wide Nails in PP401
  • The Face Shop Bath Lily (mint green)
  • Nature Republic Color Waltz in RD503 Diva Red

The Face Shop was running a discount of select items which made me check out their stuff since it was end of the month 🙁 and I wanted to shop in November. Luckily, they had a 50% deal on the Jewel Therapy Deep Care hair Mask. I ran out of my hair mask some time ago and had been using up the hair mask/deep conditioning samples I have collected this year in addition to the Hair Mask sheets from Etude House. And it sounded really good for the hair so I decided to give it a try.

Nothing like a good deal!

I had been eyeing the face it Wide Nails nail paint for almost 3 months and even though I did buy the Face it Gel Touch Nails for full price, I waited for a sale on these nail paints. The special thing about the face it Wide Nails is the patented brush of The Face Shop. Each nail paint costs 5000 KRW. I bought it (PP401) at 50% off. I am sure this deal was a good one as there were only a few of bottles of two shades left, rest were all sold out. Of course I will review it when I use it and do a Nails of the Day but the color looks really fall/winter-friendly to me.

And then when I walked out of The Face Shop, we absentmindedly entered Nature Republic store close by even though there was no SALE going on. haha! And I usually feel so embarrassed when I go into a shop and not buy anything, I decided to go for the cheapest thing in Nature Republic – Color Waltz nail paints. Each one costs 1000 KRW. They have a huge color collection, have good color payoff and lasts long. And I got the boldest red (RD503) I could find. Red nails look good on others to me but I used to be scared. So in order to face my fear, I got it and I have sworn to wear it as soon as the nail paint I am wearing chips.

The Face Shop bath lily is pretty average, nothing special. I started using it today so that is not something I will be talking about. I definitely think it is coarse and not as soft as The Body Shop bath Lily (which I absolutely love!). Stay tuned for new NOTDs and a review on The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Deep Care Hair Mask!

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