Crazy for Face Masks – Huge ‘The Face Shop’ Mask Sheets Haul!

I have officially crossed the line every beauty blogger tries to stay away from – I have strayed into the “Beauty-Crazy” territory from the “Beauty Obsessed” state! I feel so embarrassed right now for giving in to the marketing tactics of the cosmetics companies. I feel like if they are selling $hit and have Sale sign, I may go and check that out too 🙁 So here is my hall of shame of face masks.

I came back today with not 1, 2, 5 or 10 but 20 face mask sheets from The Face Shop. Even though I am feeling uncomfortable admitting my mistake to myself, I would still give all the details about the masks “for the greater good”!

There was a 10+10 sale going on at The Face Shop and I asked the marketing executive in the shop if I had to choose 10 from the same line. She said that I could choose any 10 and they would give five of Rice and Blueberry real nature masks each. I do not think my brain worked for the next 10 minutes.


Photo of my huge shopping haul of 12 The Face Shop sheet masks

The Face Shop sheet masks explosion from 10+10 sale!

Mask sheet name and product claim

Top row (left to right): 
Hyaluronic Acid essential mask sheet – An extra moisturizing mask sheet for smooth and light absorption and intensive efficacy of hyaluronic acid.

Green Tea real nature mask – A hydrating & energizing mask sheet containing green tea extract to fill dry skin with refreshing and hydrating moisture.

Kelp real nature mask – A purifying mask sheet that contains kelp extracts helps enable a pure skin appearance.

Bamboo real nature mask – A hydrating & refreshing mask sheet containing bamboo extract to fill dehydrated skin with fresh hydration.

Mung bean real nature mask – A clarifying mask sheet containing mung bean extract, effective in purifying pores for a clean and smooth skin texture.

Blueberry real nature mask – A highly nourishing mask sheet containing blueberry extract to help regain skin softness and youthful impression.

Bottom row (left to right):

CO-Q10 essential mask sheet – A lifting mask sheet providing smooth and light absorption and intensive efficacy of co-Q10 (coenzyme Q10).

Lemon real nature mask – A brightening mask sheet containing fresh lemon extract to brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucence.

Honey real nature mask – A moisturizing & radiating mask sheet containing honey extracts, providing extra glow; helps regain skin radiance and moisture.

Red Ginseng real nature mask – A highly nourishing & energizing mask sheet containing extract of Korean Red Ginseng rich in Saponin, a supplement to care for tired skin.

Acai Berry real nature mask – A firming mask sheet containing Acai Berry extract to improve resilience and provide moisturized firmness to the skin.

Rice real nature mask – A brightening & complexion improvement mask sheet containing rice extract to smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin.


I think I can now have a whole drawer of Face Masks. I had already bought 5+5 Flower Essential Nutrition mask sheets by Mamonde yesterday (eek!). And I already have a lot of face masks from my other shopping escapades! Why God? Why? hehe

I do plan to do a giveaway at some point soon but I do not know how to do it from Korea so will have to wait to go back to India. I may buy more while going back for the giveaway! Till then I think I will “take care of my skin”. I can apply one everyday and still have some left after a month. Is it ok to feel good while I feeling regret?