The Face Shop Sheet Masks – my first time!

When I came to Korea for the first time (last year), I really wanted to try out Korean cosmetics. Why? Because I am a cosmetic junkie and Korean cosmetics are supposed to be really good (at least I read that on the internet when I was researching on ‘Things To Do In Korea’)

I have always liked The Body Shop so it was obvious that I would be intrigued by the brand named The Face Shop. There were outlets of TFS everywhere and I finally went to check out some stuff. They had a wide range of products including certain things I had never thought of using or at least was unaware of their existence – Lip Scrub. Lip mask, skin essence etc etc.

About The Face Shop – It’s a South Korea based skincare and cosmetics line subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care of LG Corporation. The brand includes skincare, body, makeup and bath products aimed at men and women.

I checked out their makeup line but on the first glance it all looked too pale and light for my skin. I was in a bit of a hurry so I left the store; I did not enter another one until recently (in this trip). I had gone out for coffee with a friend when we saw a big SALE board. We decided to check it out. I thought it would be a great idea to try, test and review some products on my blog.

The store was packed with girls (like me) excited about the sale so I just went to the least crowded area which stored Face Masks. My skin gets unusually dry in winter so I decided to buy a few hydrating face masks.

I could only lay my hands on Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Sheet mask (individual packs). Each of them costs 1000 Korean Won (< 1$) but in sale each mask sheet was 500 Korean Won.

My friend also bought only face masks and we just ran out for fresh air.

Photo of collage of Korean cosmetics brand - The Face Shop mask sheets

The Face Shop Masksheets – Collagen and Hyaluronic acid

The quality and moisture content in the masks is good. I liked how my skin felt after using both of these masks in a week, I liked the Collagen one better though. I will definitely plan to try more from The Face Shop.

I will be discussing why I chose – COLLAGEN AND HYALURONIC ACID face masks in an upcoming post. Have you tried The Face Shop products? Do you like Korean cosmetics brands?


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