The Face Shop Vita B Hydro Gel Mask Sheet – Review, Price!

I have been loving the hydro gel masks lately more than the bleached cotton masksheets. Of course the cotton masks are cheaper and come in more “flavours” but hydro gel mask sheets have been working better for my dry skin. It’s summer here in Bangalore so I really like the cooling sensation and hydrating properties of hydro gel masks. I am on a The Face Shop hydrogel mask using spree so here is the one I used recently – The Face Shop Vita B hydrogel mask sheet!

The Face Shop Vita B Hydro Gel Mask - star fruit extract

The Face Shop Vita B Hydro Gel Mask

Product: The Face Shop Hydro Gel Mask Sheet – Vita B

Claim: Hydrating & revitalizing hydrogel mask that makes skin look more lively.


  1. Wash face and apply toner.
  2. Pull out the masks and remove the film on both sides of the hydro gel mask
  3. Carefully place it on the face.
  4. Remove after 15-20 minutes.

Quantity: 25 g

Price: 3000 KRW (~3$)

I picked up The Face Shop Vita B Hydro gel mask a few days before leaving Korea last year. After coming back, I stored them all in ascending order of their Expiry dates and since this one was supposed to expire in late November this year (the first in the stack) so I picked it first to use. I also have some Innisfree and Etude House hydrogel mask sheets.

The Face Shop Hydro Gel mask comes in individual packs and like other hydrogel masks is cut in two parts, one to cover the cheeks, forehead and nose, and the other to fit under the nose and cover till the chin. Each part is further sandwiched between two plastic sheets that need to be removed carefully before placing the mask on the face.

I really like how well the hydro gel masks stick to the skin and also fit since I have some issues with cotton masks. This one also fit nicely and I even walked around with this one and it did not slip off. One downside to this is that if you do not place it correctly the first time, it cannot be adjusted like a cotton masksheet, you need to remove and place it again!

This mask, like other The Face Shop masksheets, contains fragrance but it is very light and fresh – a lot like cucumber or something. As mentioned above, this also has a very relaxing, cooling sensation on application, using this mask feels like therapy to me. One of the main reason I like using these masks.

The Face Shop Vita B Hydro Gel Mask ingredients

The Face Shop Vita B Hydro Gel Mask

Some important ingredients from the ingredient list are: Sodium Hyaluronate, Agar, Sorbitol, Irish Moss (Red Algae), Star fruit extract, Algin (Alginic acid found in brown algae).

I am glad that this masksheet has a small ingredient list and also a powerful one. And I am especially happy to report that this is paraben-free!

I kept this mask on for about 25 minutes and then removed it. The gel had seeped into my skin and it felt cool and soft to touch. When I woke up in the morning, my skin felt smooth-er compared to it prior to application.

Check my video about The Face Shop masksheets:

I also have a comprehensive blog post about The Face Shop face masks!

Rating: 4.75/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

Add the small ingredient list, no parabens, plenty of skincare ingredients to cooling, relaxing effect of this mask and you get a perfect pamper product for yourself. I like keeping masks for my weekend skin TLC sessions and this one tops the list currently. I also have the Vita C and Vita E hydro gel masks from this range by The Face Shop and will be (using and) reviewing them shortly on the blog!

Have you tried The Face Shop Hydro gel masks? Do you like masksheets?

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