The Watch I Bought to Show Off, Rather Than For Time Keeping

I love accessories but watches hold a special place in my heart. I have always been under the impression that a good watch can make a simple outfit classy and chic.

I bought a watch in Sweden and it was everything I had asked for four years ago. I had seen a girl in my college sport a beautiful watch with black leather strap and stone studded silver dial. I instantly fell in love with her watch. I complimented her on her choice immediately which is very unlikely of me as I rarely scan people for their clothes or anything.

She told me it was a gift someone had brought her from Australia.

I don’t know how many times I tried to find a watch like that, it never happened. Four years later I was window shopping in a shop with classy stuff that I encountered a timepiece exactly like I had imagined it. The best part – it was on sale. It cost me roughly 600 INR (<6$). I wasn’t really bothered that it was not branded.

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The Watch!

I tried to include it deliberately in my French tips on Round nails post but I think it deserved an individual post. 2 years later, it is still going strong!

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