Throwback Thursday – Dior Travel Palette

Like every girl on the planet, I wanted to try out luxurious brands for makeup. I had only used L’Oreal, Maybelline, Isadora, VOV and such drugstore brands so when I got a chance to grab a Dior Travel Palette at Duty Free, I took it with both hands!

dior travel palette duty free

Dior Palette

I got this palette at the Duty Free shop of the first ever cruise trip I took in Sweden! This palette caught my eye since it had some really different eye shadows, the shades that I had never used or owned and it came with a mini lipliner, eyeliner and Diorshow!

I thought it was the best deal for the price to try out so many products from Dior in one go. I made the decision in an instant.

I regretted buying this palette because I was not able to use the compact in the palette (too light for me) and the eyeshadows, especially the blue ones were very chalky and did not show up on my lids. And I am not a huge fan of applying lipstick/goss with my finger either. I did not have makeup skills so that might have contributed to my displeasure!

The only things I ended up using fully were the lipliner, eye pencil and Diorshow. I loved all three of them and the eyeshadow duo on top (Pink and Taupe) ended up my favorites. The most used eyeshadow was the pearly white shade because I loved highlighting!

I never used the brushed provided in the kit because in the beginning I was too scared to get them dirty and later because they were too small and ineffective for everyday use but terrific for travel! I still love Dior packaging! This palette was in the signature Dior packaging and I kept it until December 2012!

All in all, I got trying luxury brands out of my system with this palette. I still try Dior products and like a few but now I never expect (or think) anything to be good just because it is high end! This palette literally changed my opinion on makeup from drugstore actually!

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