Throwback Thursday – My THE BODY SHOP collection

The Body Shop toilettries collection

It’s “Throwback Thursday” time so I am going to share something from 2010. I had heard and read a lot about The Body Shop but sadly there weren’t any stores in my vicinity. At that point (around 2008-09), there were very few TBS stores in the whole country.

In 2010 I moved to Sweden temporarily, my eyes sparkled when I saw TBS stores at every corner in Stockholm. I stocked up the products like no tomorrow. I had always been a bath (and shower) girl more than makeup (and fashion) girl so my obvious interests were the toiletries. And boy were there options!

By the end of 2010, I had tried all of the shower gel/body wash/bubble bath(because we had a bathtub in Sweden) available in Sweden!

The Body Shop bath products collection

The Body Shop – My biggest TBS collection

This is my collection near the end of 2010 built over a period of 8 months.

From left to right:

Soft hands Kind heart hand cream,
Neroli Jasmin gift set – Shower Gel and Body Lotion, Bath Lily,
Sweet Leomn Body Butter,
White Musk gift set – Shower gel and body lotion,
Strawberry shower gel,
Moringa Shower Gel,
Satsuma Shower Gel,
Mango Shower Gel,
Shea  Shower Cream,
Love ETC gift set – Body Wash, Body Lotion,  Bath Lily,
Raspberry Shower gel,
Almond Shower Gel,
Almond milk body Lotion,
Coconut Shower Cream.

I did end up using almost all of them myself by the end of July 2011. And the best thing was TBS had started expanding its reach in India too. So when I came back from Sweden, I had 2 stores with a 5 km radius. Now there are 3 within 2 km radius! I still have a lot of The Body Shop products but my largest collection was in 2010!