Too Faced Glamour To Go II Palette

I have decided to keep the ‘Throwback Thursday’ as a regular feature on my blog (at least for the time being). I had decided to be a beauty blogger in 2010 but it took me 3 years to finally act on my decision. So through Throwback Thursday posts, I will be able to feature all of the beauty products I tried in the past but did not have the courage to share my opinions about. I will discuss my reluctance to start a blog sometime later probably on a Thursday only. For now let’s look into my first ever makeup palette – Too Faced Glamour To Go II palette.

I was in Sweden in the year 2010 and I used to love to frequent Åhléns City, a department store, in Stockholm central. I used to walk around this store on the ground floor only where they stored accessories, perfumes and high end makeup brands like Smashbox, MAC, Bare Essentials, Chanel, Dior, YSL, Helena Rubinstein etc. One day I went downstairs and discovered Maybelline, Isadora, L’oreal, MaxFactor and Too Faced.

By then I had been watching enough of beauty videos on YouTube to know about Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I tried searching for it and couldn’t find it. But I stumbled upon the equally famous eye shadow palettes – there were only 3 back then – Natural eyes, Smokey eye and naked eye. My hands were full of swatches from these palettes when I reached the ‘sale’ section. There was a palette on sale – Glamour To Go II.

Collage of Too faced Glamour to Go Palette

Too Faced Glamour To Go II palette

It had 8 eye shadows, 4 lip glosses and one blush. It was love at first sight. I bought it right away. I must have walked on the clouds while coming back home. It was my first ever full makeup palette and it was also the first time in my life that I bought makeup (quality makeup) for fun.

Collage of photos of my Too Faced Glamour To Go II palette

Too Faced Glamour To Go II Palette Swatches

I did get a lot of use out of the eye shadows and I did not even open the bottom part of the palette much. Ironically I still have the palette but I have stopped using it (for obvious reasons). Too Faced products have super cute packaging and most of the products are good quality. I know a lot of YouTube gurus swear by Shadow Insurance, Chocolate Bronzer and eyeshadow palettes for Neutral eyes, Natural eyes, Smokey eyes.

This palette is a dream palette for travel with awesome eye shadow shades, lip glosses and a face product, It is small in size and the packaging is sturdy. In year 2011 this palette accompanied me during travel every single time!

Fun fact: At the back of the palette there’s a small statement – “Product tested on celebrities, not animals”. It makes me laugh!

I do recommend Too Faced palettes too. The “Too Face Glamour To Go” is available on the Too Faced website, click this to check it out.

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