My Most Used Makeup Brushes!

Hi everyone, here is a quick post on my most used makeup brushes. I have been planning to do this post for a long time but never quite got to do it. To be honest it was because all of these brushes were never cleaned together for various reasons and I did not want to show dirty brushed 😉 I’d be mortified. So I cleaned all of my makeup brushes yesterday *insert tired expression* for you! Here are a few brushed I use everytime I do full face makeup. I have listed what I use each one of these brushes for.

my must have makeup brushed

My most used makeup brushes

I will be reviewing each of these brushes separately so for this post I am just stating how I like to use these.

Boons Base Eyeshadow brush – This is a typical brush for pressing on eyeshadow on the eyelids. I always keep some basic brushes like these from affordable brands at hand. This one I got for a dollar or two in Korea. I always use this to pack dark colors on my lids when I am doing a smokey eye.

MAC 224 – This is my first and only MAC makeup brush until now. I use it for blending my eyeshadow above the crease for smokey eye look. I do not think this is a must-have brush from MAC. Some more affordable brushes can get the job done!

Oriflame Beauty Blending brush – This is a close dupe of the MAC224 but the bristles are a tad bit longer. This is, as the name suggests, a blending brush. I use MAC224 and this one alternately. After each wash, I use these for different colors –  MAC for neturals and this one for black or colors (for the crease).

Real Techniques Base Shadow brush – Real technique brushes are great quality and relatively affordable. Good thing these are now easily available in India (Nykaa, Flipkart etc.) This brush was a part of the Real Techniques Eye makeup starter kit.

Eco Tools Mini Kabuki – This is my favorite to apply powder blushes! It is the perfect size for this purpose. This brush came in my Eco-tools mineral set.

Eco Tools Mineral Foundation brush – Another one of my favorite face brushes. I use this to apply powder foundation (it is meant for that) or even loose powder. This brush was a part of the Eco Tools Mineral set.

Eco Tools Concealer brush – This brush was also a part of the Eco-Tools mineral set and i use it for the purpose it was intended to be used for – apply a concealer. I prefer my fingers to dab in the concealer but if I use a brush, this is the one I pick up.

Eco Tools Eyeshading brush – My most used makeup brush (if I had to list one). I use this for blending! This brush was also a part of my Eco Tools Mineral set

Eco Tools Angled Crease brush – I use this to add a transition shade or just blend the edges of colors in a smokey eye look (in the crease and transition). Eco Tools Essential Eye set (travel)

Eco Tools Large Eyeshadow brush – I use this brush to highlight my cheekbones or pack eyeshadow on my lids. This a bit big for my liking but I love how dense it is. You need a bit of practice and then it is ideal for packing on eyeshadow on the lids! This brush came with the Eco Tools Essential Eye set (travel).

Eco Tools Highlighting brush – I use this brush to highlight under my brows or set my under-eye concealer with powder. This brush was also a part of the Eco Tools Essential Eye set (travel)

See the photos, review and details of my Eco Tools brushes in this post.

If you have not already noticed, I have listed many Eco Tools brushes here and that is because I love them. Not only because they are cruelty-free but also because they are good quality, affordable and last long. None of these brushes have shed until now despite spot cleaning, deep cleaning (washing), rough use and travel! I consider both of my Eco Tools makeup brush sets – eye makeup kit, mineral makeup kit – as must haves for people starting out with makeup brushes.

Which makeup brushes do you prefer? Do you have any favorite brands?

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