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VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil Review, Price in India

Hi everyone, it does not happen very often that I mistake a beauty product. There’s a beauty blogger’s pride at stake so I try to be extra careful. However, sometimes brands label products in a way that a product appears something different to me. On one instance, I mistook Forest Essentials Bath & Shower oils to be bath products used to clean the body similar to the L’Occitane Almond Shower oil. This time I mistook VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil as a makeup cleanser whoops! It was only after a couple of uses when I felt like it stick to the skin and did not make my makeup budge that I went online to read about it. It was only then that I realized that it is a facial oil meant to add moisture to the skin (like a serum). Anyhow, I have used it for over 2 weeks now and here is the first skincare review of the week for you!

veda earth cleansing facial oil review

VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

Product: VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

Price: 425 INR

Quantity: 50 ml

Claim:  Just add a few drops to your daily skin regime and it deep cleans all the impurities from the skin. It contains key ingredients like Frankincense, Chamomile, and Benzoin known to help rejuvenate skin, improve blood circulation, and make skin soft and glowing.

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel oil, Grape Seed oil, Palmarosa Leaf extract, Frankincense Oleo gum Resin extract, Benzoin Resin extract, Saffron extract, Roman chamomile Flower extract, Vitamin E, Soya Lecithin, Base Q.S.

veda earth review

VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil Review

VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil comes in a blue see-through plastic bottle with a silver cap. It has a dispenser at the top hidden under a flip top lid. I received a deluxe size sample in my October FabBag, that also came in the same packaging. As mentioned in the introduction, I thought this was a cleansing oil. I used it twice to remove my makeup and felt like it was too heavy and did not emulsify when it came in contact with water. I used my face wash twice to get rid of it… haha! What’s even funnier is that it took me a couple of uses to notice that it did not take off the makeup either.

I planned to rant about it on the blog but, thankfully, checked online to find more details about how to use the product just to be on the safe side (I take my job as a skincare reviewer seriously). It was only then that I realized that it has to be used like a serum before moisturizer. I started using it that way and it has been working well for me.

The scent is a bit strong but it is totally expected because of the presence of Frankincense. It is an oil so it is bound to be heavier than a serum. I think this one is more suitable for dry skin. It absorbs in a few minutes after application and gives a nice glow to the skin. I have not noticed any long-term difference yet. I think it will work well for this season since my dry skin is getting drier. The ingredient list also seems favorable. This facial oil has not broken me out yet so it will stay in my good books for the time being.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe

Overall, I think VedaEarth Cleansing Facial oil is a great product to add extra moisture to dry skin. In my opinion, it will not suit oily skin. People with sensitive skin must also exercise caution before using this product since Apricot kernel oil and a couple of other ingredients may irritate their skin. I may repurchase this product again since it is working fine for my skin without drying or breaking it out.

Have you tried the VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil? Which is your favorite skincare product right now? Comment below!