Versace Bright Crystal, Organix, Cottage shower gels (Shopping HAUL)

I have been quite active in trying out Korean brands but I find myself checking out the Korean beauty store – Olive Young very often! They have a range of International brands, some of them quite afforadable. Otherwise the brands can only be found at the Department Stores. And most of those are high end brands. As a beauty blogger, I find it important to not concentrate on one brand or sticking to a price range so I keep on trying different things. I have been eyeing a few products from Cottage and Organix for a few months now so I decided to finally take the plunge!

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Olive Young shopping haul

Olive Young shopping haul:

  • Versace Bright Crystal gift set (perfume + body lotion)
  • Carolina Herrara CH Men Sport
  • Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus Body Wash
  • Cottage Strawberry and Mint Revitalizing Shower Gel
  • Kiss Me Smooth Line Gel Black Liner (+ gift)

I finished using my Versace Bright Crystal perfume sometime ago, a bit of the body lotion is a still left but I got another gift set. I do not usually repurchase perfumes, the only one I have ever repurchased is Dolce Gabbana Light Blue, but I made an exception this time since this one was available fr a good price! I will review it soon here on the blog.

So since I got a perfume, the hubster got one for himself too! He rarely buys anything and I am the one who usually picks up things for him so it was a nice change.

I had heard so many good things about the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil products that I wanted to try them out but since the products were sold out, I got their body wash. I love Coconut scented products so it was an obvious choice! And this humongous thing is going to last me forever!

And I had never heard of this brand – Cottage until I came to Korea so I thought I would look into it as well 🙂

Lastly I got the Kiss Me gel liner since I have only been using my liquid liners and want to try out a few gel liners here. This one came with a cute mirror! I basically picked this up for packaging 😉

That completes the Olive Young haul and I am happy that I contained myself from buying anymore makeup since I am not going out anywhere a lot because of my injury and not wearing makeup. I love using bath and body products more anyway so these will definitely not go waste. I plan to review these soon!

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