Versace Bright Crystal (EdT) – Review!

Versace Bright Crystal Review

I have had Versace Bright Crystal, one of my first luxury perfumes, for a long time. This was the first perfume I tried after I got bored of my citrus scent spree that started with Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. I recently used up three fragrances from my collection – Versace Bright Crystal, Versace Yellow Diamond and Bath & Body Works White Citrus Fine Fragrance Mist.

Versace Bright Crystal Eau De Parfum and Perfumed Body Lotion

Versace Bright Crystal Eau De Parfum and Perfumed Body Lotion

Product: Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette (EdT)

Claim: Sheer sensuality, crystal transparency and luminous brightness, Versace introduces the new bright crystal, a precious jewel of rare beauty characterized by a fresh, vibrant, flowery scent.

An enthralling and voluptuous fragrance for the Versace Woman who is strong and confident yet feminine, sensual, who loves to be enveloped in a fragrance that tastes of juicy Pomegranate grains, iced freshness and shining Yuzu. A scent then flows into the beauty of Magnolia, Peony and Lotus flowers in a mixture of voluptuousness and transparency, and delights you with its subtle sensuality.

Class of Perfume: Fruity Floral

Quantity: 30 ml

Price: 2250 INR

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Versace Bright Crystal EdT

Versace Bright Crystal comes in a transparent pink glass bottle with a beautifully cut clear oval glass lid. The bottle is actually what I think inspires the name Bright Crystal. This is the kind of packaging which is not exactly meant for carrying around all day but it is definitely a showstopper for the vanity! I like this packaging far better than the Versace Yellow Diamond (same shape but different colour scheme)

Versace Bright Crystal perfume is a delicate Fruity Floral scent with notes ranging from Pomegranate and Yuzu to Magnolia, Peony and Lotus. Since each perfume smells different when it reacts with skin of different people, I smell more of the Magnolia and Peony notes in this perfume. It also lasts really well for upto 5 hours.

This EdP gets a bit deeper after a couple of hours but remains very pleasant to smell. I have been complimented for smelling good multiple times when I used this perfume. I feel really good when I apply it. It is a very feminine and classy fragrance that, in my opinion, works for women of all ages from teens to middle aged onwards.

In fact I loved Versace Bright Crystal so much that as soon as I could, I got my hands on the Versace Yellow Diamond EdP even before running out of this one (I like Versace perfumes). I like Bright Crystal way more than Yellow Diamond perfume (review of Yellow Diamond is coming soon). Versace do many more perfumes for women in addition to these two.

Versace perfumes for women:

  • Versace Pour Femme
  • Versace Versense
  • Versace Vanitas
  • Versace Crystal Noir
  • Versace Bright Crystal Absolu
  • Versace Gianni Versace Couture – Violet, Tuberose, Jasmine
  • Versace Oud Oriental
  • Versace Eros Pour Femme
  • Versace Bright Crystal
  • Versace Yellow Diamond

I am tempted to try out more perfumes from Versace! Aren’t you?

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

FTC: Bought by RituKT

Overall, I am pleased with this luxury perfume by Versace. It comes in an exquisite packaging, beautiful floral notes and lasts long. As a luxury product, it is a bit of an investment to make but I assure you it will last a long time considering the fact that you only need a little spritz! I would highly recommend it to women looking for floral fragrances.

Have you tried Versace Bright Crystal perfume? Which is your favorite fragrance of all time? Comment below!


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