Vitamin Q! What is it and what does it have to do with skincare?

I recently came across some information on Vitamin Q also known as Co-enzyme Q10 (CO-Q10 in short) and its potential skincare benefits.

What is Vitamin Q:

Co-enzyme Q10 aka Vitamin Q is synthesized by the human body. It helps deal with free radicals and has anti-oxidant properties. The amount of CO-Q10 is high during 20’s and starts depleting as humans age which leads to less production of Collagen and hence ageing.

Benefits of Co-Q10:

  • CO-Q10 can be used to treat heart problems, high blood pressure etc.
  • CO-Q10 helps strengthen healing capacity of the skin.
  • CO-Q10 helps skin deal with free radicals
  • It makes skin cells active hence fasten the process of getting rid of the toxins.
  • It stimulates the production of Collagen by the body.
  • It helps fight the damaging effects of pollution, sun damage, stress etc.

Ways to improve CO-Q10 levels:

  • Use CO-Q10 supplements (consult with your physician first)
  • Use skincare products containing Coenzyme Q10

Read in depth here.

Until I came across this article, I had no idea that CO-Q10 had so many health and skincare benefits. I have not used any skincare product containing Coenzyme Q10 yet but I did buy a face mask CO-Q10 from The Face Shop essentials masksheet line. I will try it out and if it makes any visible difference to my skin, I will consider buying more and using it at regular intervals!

Did you know about Vitamin Q? What is your favortie kind of skincare product? (I love face masks)


    • Ritu says:

      Wow. I just came to know about this recently. And since you have approved this, I might look into getting some Co-Q10 in my system – supplements or skincare. I think I have good skin, I want to keep it that way!

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