The Journey Begins! Welcome to my Beauty Blog!

Hola! Welcome to “Shopping Escapades”

Shopping Escapades is my “Makeup, Beauty, Fashion and Shopping Blog”. I am Ritu KT and I am a shopaholic. This is my place to talk about the retail therapy I indulge in every so often and my experience with the various makeup and beauty products I use. I love trying new things. But I am not your average beauty blogger.

I am a girl-next-door who loves shopping and trying new cosmetics. I am obsessed with reading. I have a good knowledge about chemicals and beauty products. I am confident in my skin and have accepted my looks. However, I believe in presenting myself well and enhancing my looks.

This is a place where I will do shopping hauls, skincare tips, fashion posts, NOTDs, makeup tips and some random bits from my life. You will find various beauty brands featured here, right from low-end to high-end, natural to processed!

I believe in inner beauty but I also believe that the way we present ourselves shows a lot about our sense of self-worth. And that also explains how I am a spiritual person and a cosmetics-junkie both at the same time! I do not claim to be an expert but I will try my best to provide sane advice, honest reviews and useful tips.

I hope you will accompany me in this journey. I am in a bit of a transition right now and will be going to South Korea for a few months this month-end. I plan to try as many Korean brands and cosmetics as I can!

This is my very first blog post on this blog. I also write a lifestyle and writing blog – Things To Rave About!

Stay blessed!