What’s in my Travel Beauty Bag?

Today morning I shared with you what I like to carry in my makeup bag for overnight stays or vacations. I finished up packing my beauty bag which I keep separately. And the reason for having a separate kit for beauty and makeup products is just because I like to carry my beauty products in my shower when I travel. I like to spend a lot of time relaxing and pampering myself.

Photo of contents of my travel beauty bag

My must haves for a Travel Beauty bag

Contents (Row 1 – Left to right)

Oriflame Tender Care – One of the best multipurpose beauty products I have ever used. It can used on lips, elbows, knees, heels and cuticles. During this trip it was my lip and cuticle cream. Of course I wash my hands when touching it for lips, feet etc.

Elastine Shampoo and Elastine conditioner – I bought a travel kit by ON The Body (a consumer care brand under the LG umbrella) and this Shampoo-conditioner came as a part of it.

Face Cream Samples from Nature Republic and Etude House –  Since it is a one day trip and I knew I would wash need a face cream twice only, I carried samples with me. It is a good way to try new products and also travel light.

Toothpaste & Toothbrush – I chance upon this toothpaste a couple of days ago in the Olive Young store. I expect to get a toothpaste there but I am carrying it just in case. The toothbrush came in the LG travel kit.

(Row 2 – Left to Right)

Wet tissues, Tissues, Q-tips and a scrunchie!

Orifame Optimals Cleansing Milk – This comes in a 200ml bottle so I transferred it to a travel size bottle.

Daily Powerful Sun Cream by Nature Republic – This is one of my favorite sunscreens ever. It is my must-have for any vacation – in any season. I carry this is in my purse, even in my little crossbody bag that just fits my phone with the sunscreen! I hate getting tanned but I despise getting sunburn even more – sadly I tan and burn easily 🙁

ON The Body: Cherry Blossom body wash – A creamy body wash that lathers up well, smells good and does not eat away the moisture from my skin.

ON The Body: Cherry Blossom body lotion – An average performing body lotion complementing the Cherry Blossom Body Wash.

Aqua masksheet by Nature Republic – I like to pamper my skin by using a moisturizing sheet mask at night before going to sleep. I like to think that my skin ‘recovers’ from a day of travelling especially since I drink way less water than usual and hardly eat properly. Plus it helps me relax and fall asleep on a strange bed (I find it hard to sleep in any other place than my own bed).

This is the stuff I am carrying with me in my backpack –

Photo of my travel makeup and beauty bag

All packed up – Travelogue of a Beauty Blogger

I still think it is a bit much but I just cannot downsize it anymore. Okay so there you have the dissection of my beauty bag. If I travel for a week, I would just carry my face cream (or 6 more samples, ha!) and everything else will remain the same in this travel bag!So what’s in your beauty bag?

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