Winterize Your Nails – Manicure tips and Trending Colors for this season!

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I did a more chatty post here on the blog. Lately its been a lot of unboxing and reviews sort of posts so I decided to do a post highlighting how I change my routine for the winter months. Since I have dry skin, I have to be extra cautious about my hands especially my cuticles and knuckles that get super dry with the weather change. So I am putting out my step-by-step manicure routine for winter, in short, how I “Winterize My Nails”!

I remove all accessories from my hands and wrists for a manicure (rings, bracelets)! So let’s get started.


manicure tips BEFORE

Step 1: Chipped Nail Paint Be Gone!

revlon nail paint remover

Nail Enamel remover

I hate the look of chipped nails; as if someone can love it.

So let’s start the manicure with getting rid of chipped, uneven nail paint.

I like to use an Acetone-free remover and then I wash my hands with soap rubbing my nails in particular to get rid of any chemical residue. After this I let me nails breathe for a while (sometimes a day) before moving on to the actual manicure! For this post, I did it all in one day so kept a gap of 15 minutes.

Step 2: Sc-rub a Dub Dub!


The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body butter

Got to get rid of dead skin.

I like to use a scrub on my hands, usually homemade – powdered sugar, almond oil – but these days I have been trying out The Nature’s Co. Cocoa body scrub so I used that for this “tutorial”.

Step 3: Let There be Soaking!

manicure tips

Soak both of your hands in warm water. I like to add a couple of drops of Aromatherapy oil – Rose being a favorite – in addition to some Almond oil. One offers relaxation while the other helps moisturize my hands. I added a few petals of pink carnations I had at home for pictures.

I do this step very briefly though (less than 5 minutes) because my nails are brittle and they break while filing if I keep them soaked for too long. However, I do not skip this step because it helps in deep cleaning the nails and also softening the cuticles.

Step 4: Bye Bye Cuticles!

using orange stick

Pushing back cuticles

Can I tell you a secret? I love doing this (eek!) I have no idea why pushing the cuticles and removing them gives me so much joy. I love the look of clean nails and smooth cuticles!

Step 5: Shape and Clean Up!

how to use orange stick

Cleaning nails with Orange stick

Now that we have a beautiful base, it is time to shape up the edges and create a masterpiece.

My nails naturally grow into an angular shape and since I never get to grow them really long, round tips are the easiest to maintain for me. I love square tips though, never quite mastered it. Filing is my least favorite step of manicure, maybe because of too many heartbreaking (read nail breaking) accidents. I like to use the pointed side of an Orange stick to clean my nails.

Step 6: Buff & Shine!

etude house manicure block

Etude House All in One Manicure block

If your nails have survived the filing (thankfully mine did this time), it’s time to buff and shine.

Another step that makes me excited about flaunting my nails. I use the Etude House Manicure block.

Step 7: Build the Base!

maybelline base coat

Base Coat – Maybelline Express Finish 01 Base Brillante

During winter I like to wear deeper shades so using a Base Coat is compulsory for me. I am using the Maybelline Express Finish Base Coat these days.

Step 8: Seal the Deal!
Apply the nail paint of your choice and once it dries, seal the deal with a good top coat. I have been using the Etude House UV Diamond Top Coat for a few months and loving it! Once the nails are dry, wash your hands and moisturize with a good hand cream.

So that completes my manicure theoretically!

I was in a mood for Christmas inspired nails so I created this simple nail art design.

nail art for christmas

Holiday nail art!

A tiny step by step tutorial will be coming up on the blog for this nail art soon!

Product used:

nail art

Tools and products used for Christmas nail art

Revlon Extra Gentle Nail Enamel Remover

Etude House All in One Manicure block

Etude House cuticle clipper

Aromamagic Rose Essential Oil

Maybelline Express Finish – Base Coat

Maybelline ColorShow 216 Downtown Red

Maybelline ColorShow 102 Porcelain Party

Etude House Help My Finger UV Diamond Top Coat

The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body butter

Nail art brush (thin)

Red glitter

Gold Nail decoration

Green glitter

Orange stick

Nail art Sponge

Julep has created a crisp infographic for a quick 7 step manicure:

julep manicure tips

Julep – Winterize Your Nails

Here are the colors trending this season according to Julep!

Trending Winter Colors - Nails

Trending Winter Colors – Nails


Sadly I could not get my hands on Julep products but I have found some good dupes (not exact matches though) from the brands I can access easily.

1. Maybelline ColorShow 005 Wine & Dine

maybelline colorshow

Maybelline ColorShow – 005 Wine & Dine

2. Etude House Play Nails #4

best neutral pink nail paint

Etude House Play Nail #4

3. Maybelline ColorShow GlitterMania 608 Bling On the Blue

maybelline color show glittermania

Maybelline ColorShow Glittermania 608 Bling on the Blue

Disclaimer: This post is created in collaboration with Julep. This is not a sponsored post. I have bought everything used in this post with my own money.

So how do you winterize your nails? Do you like to get or manicures done at a salon or do you like to do it yourself?

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